Invincible: understand the controversy involving Anissa, from season 2


As the 2nd season of Invincible now progresses into 2024, news is emerging for fans of the Amazon Prime Video animated series. And in the last episode released by the streaming platform, last Thursday (27), the arrival of Anissa (voiced by Shantel VanSanten) brought moments of great tension for viewers.

In this sense, the title “I’m Not Going Anywhere” added a bit of controversy to the narrative, given that the character in question is full of controversy in her original material. Do you want to know more about her? Check out all the details below. Beware of spoilers!

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Invincible: Who Is Anissa and Why Is She So Controversial?

Anissa was introduced as a dangerous Viltrumite warrior, who is directly linked to Mark (Steven Yeun). The character appears trying to make the Invincible have the courage to face his destiny and deal with the Viltrumite Empire, even if this costs some disaffection along the way, as well as painful breakups.

Despite being quite important for the current moment of the series, many fans believe that the writers could have changed some aspects and characteristics of his persona — as they did with other important figures in the narrative —, as his arrival could contribute to a totally unexpected direction. in Prime Video animation.

Therefore, it is very likely that its consequences will be better perceived throughout the 3rd season, which has already been confirmed on streaming and is scheduled for release in 2024. In general, Anissa was sent to Earth to monitor Mark and monitor his evolution.

She seems quite friendly at first, but deep down she wants to impose her thoughts on the Invincible, who, no matter how hard he tries to resist, still has clarity in his own convictions. Therefore, the two have a direct clash, in which Mark almost dies.

Anissa’s controversy in Unbroken

But the controversy in question actually revolves around the character’s future with Mark. Although Amber (Zazie Beetz) is the Invincible’s current love interest, in the comics, the person who takes this position later is Anissa herself.

Determined to increase the Viltrumite population, she decides that she will breed only with Mark. However, the protagonist does not want this to happen the way she dictates. For this reason, Mark is sexually assaulted and attacked by Anissa, something that leaves him emotionally traumatized.

(Amazon Prime Video/Reproduction)(Amazon Prime Video/Reproduction)Source: Amazon Prime Video

Despite these considerations, this warm presentation of the character may not indicate that the Prime Video series will follow the plot to the letter. If this happens, obviously, the controversies could become even greater, given the reach that animated production has around the world.

The worst of all are the consequences that this event between Mark and Anissa caused in the narrative, bringing very heavy conflicts to the center of attention, in addition to the birth of Markus. It remains to be seen how this will be developed in the next episodes. Let’s wait!

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