Trio suspected of tying and killing elderly woman in Vila Velha is arrested

Trio suspected of tying and killing elderly woman in Vila Velha is arrested
Trio suspected of tying and killing elderly woman in Vila Velha is arrested

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Two men and a woman, suspected of killing an 88-year-old woman, were arrested on Thursday morning (01). The victim was found dead and tied up inside a house in the Ilha das Flores neighborhood, in Vila Velha.

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According to preliminary information from the Civil Police, a television and a ring that belonged to the victim, Neuza Costa Ribeiro, were found in the house of the main suspect in the crime. During testimony, according to police, the man confessed to participating in the crime.

The others involved in the crime would be the man’s wife and friend. The suspects were taken to the Department of Homicide and Protection of the Person by agents of the Vila Velha Municipal Guard.

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Police said the incident is still in progress and, only after the suspects are heard, will they have more information about the case.

Old woman’s body was found tied up in Vila Velha

Neuza Costa Ribeiro, 88, was found dead inside her house, in the Ilha das Flores neighborhood, in Vila Velha. The victim, according to the family, lived alone and had the assistance of a caregiver, who kept her company from 7 am to 4 pm.

The body was found on Wednesday night (31) by neighbors, who were surprised when they saw the victim’s door open. As soon as they entered the residence, they found the woman on the floor, with her feet tied to the bed and a sheet around her neck.

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The bedroom closet was overturned. A 55-inch television was taken by the suspects.

Neuza was a widow and her only child has died. She has nephews who live in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte, in Minas Gerais. Those who knew her said that she was very vain, wore earrings, colorful clothes, had dyed hair and always had a smile.

The body was taken to the Legal Medical Department of Vitória for relatives to recognize it. The case remains under investigation by the Vila Velha Homicide and Personal Protection Police Station.

Niece says elderly woman did not want to leave the house and live with relatives

The TV Vitória/Record TV report spoke with one of the retiree’s nieces, who preferred not to be identified. She said that she is already organizing to take a flight from São Paulo to follow the investigations and carry out her aunt’s burial.

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The 63-year-old woman recalled that the pensioner did not give up living in her own house, despite her nephews’ invitations for her to live with them.

“We are shocked by this crime. We were following her every month. Her health was poor, but she had a normal life. We take care of an elderly person. We never imagined that this would happen to her”, he reported.

The niece says that, even distant, the relatives did not fail to accompany the retiree.

“We live in São Paulo, some relatives live in Belo Horizonte. She lived there for about 40 years. She was our only living aunt and my cousins ​​from Minas always had a great affection for her. The other cousin too. We were always around,” he said.

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The niece hopes there will be justice. “We want to know what really happened and that the culprit be punished. I am outraged, we need to know what happened, who did this barbarity to her,” she said.

*With information from reporters Alice Mourão and Marla Bermudes, from TV Vitória/Record TV.

The article is in Portuguese

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