Cone beam tomography, the gold standard in dental diagnostics

Cone beam tomography, the gold standard in dental diagnostics
Cone beam tomography, the gold standard in dental diagnostics

In recent years, imaging exams have experienced a constant evolution, with clearer and more fundamental images for an assertive diagnosis. In this context, one of the most recent possibilities is cone beam tomography, equipment used in dentistry to capture 3D images.

According to Dr. Tiago Nascimento (CRO 5333), dentist responsible for the DVI Radiologia Odontológica clinic in Três Lagoas, the technology is fundamental for the dental segment, with exceptional performance to visualize the structures of the maxillomandibular region in detail.

“Because it is a 100% digital exam, we were able to send the analyzed data over the internet. Consequently, the dentist responsible for the clinical case has quick access to exams, even over long distances. This agility in the exchange of information is essential at the beginning of a dental treatment, which is usually much faster when you have an accurate diagnosis ”– he said.


For the specialist, unlike conventional radiographs that project in a single plane all the structures traversed by X-rays, CT highlights structural relationships in depth, showing images in “slices” of the human body. The equipment allows the professional to see all the structures in layers, especially the mineralized tissues, with an admirable definition, allowing the delimitation of irregularities in three dimensions, by capturing 360º images of the region of interest.

After collecting the data, the information is sent to a software that automatically transforms everything received into 3D images, which can be viewed on any projection plane, with a detailed and in-depth analysis, unlike conventional methods.

“In addition to the practical and technological issues, CT also stands out for containing a lower dose of radiation when compared to conventional tomography, since the exposure time is quite reduced: from 6 to 7 seconds, on average” – he adds.


The dentist explains that in dentistry the exam has a number of applications, being most commonly used in implant planning. In these cases, high quality images deliver greater accuracy and this allows the dental professional to measure height, thickness and specific measurements between the bone and vital structures such as nerves, maxillary sinuses and nasal cavity. Fundamental results for the success of a dental implant.

Although common in these cases, the exam can still be requested in situations such as:

However, cone beam tomography is excellent both for dentists, who receive fast and assertive results, and for patients, who do not need to perform numerous exams in an attempt to capture different oral areas and are less exposed to radiation.

DVI Radiologia Odontológica is a reference in 100% digital diagnostics, present in the market for 17 years and recognized for its high level of assertiveness in dental exams. In Três Lagoas, the clinic is located at Rua Generoso Siqueira, 1156 – Centro.

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