Chinese chipmaker launches AI processor 90% cheaper than GPUs

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A manufacturer chinese in chips is challenging the market for processors aimed at artificial intelligence (AI). A Intellifusion launched the “DeepEyes” line, with an advertised performance of 48 TOPS for a price equivalent to US$140 (around R$700). The new product uses an older 14-nanometer manufacturing process and a specialized chip (ASIC) as a form of China remain competitive in the face of US sanctions.

The first version of the DeepEdge10Max processor is aimed at training high-performance AI models. Two other more powerful versions are planned for the coming years. There are still no details on the price of these top models, but it is believed that the company seeks to maintain its low-cost differential, offering AI hardware that is “90% cheaper” and that “meets 90% of usage scenarios”.

Chip developed 100% in China

All chips in the DeepEyes line use technology developed entirely in China, including the NNP400T, a specialized neural processor. The manufacturer is betting on an open source RISC-V architecture, avoiding technologies that may be restricted by the USA. For comparison purposes, a modern “AI PC”, according to Microsoft, needs at least 40 TOPS of neural performance.


“NIn the next three years, 80% of companies around the world will use AI. The cost of training a complex model is in the millions, and the price of dedicated machines for this often exceeds 1 million yuan [cerca de R$ 730 mil]. Most companies cannot afford these costs“, says Dr. Chen Ning, CEO of Intellifusion.

While the prospect of 80% of global companies using AI seems exaggerated, the company points to a real problem: the barrier to entry for intensive use of artificial intelligence remains high. The DeepEdge line seeks to simplify this process, offering training and inference of complex models with a national and cheaper solution.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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