Fortune teller predicts Galo’s future in the Libertadores group stage < No Attack

Fortune teller predicts Galo’s future in the Libertadores group stage < No Attack
Fortune teller predicts Galo’s future in the Libertadores group stage < No Attack
2024 Copa Libertadores ball in Cidade do Galo
(photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético)

What do the stars predict for Atlético in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores? Fortune teller Vitor Pinheiro, from the channel Astral Ballon YouTube, recorded a video using cards from the gypsy deck to predict what will happen to Rooster.

This Thursday (4/4), at 7pm, the team led by Gabriel Milito will begin their journey in the competition. The first opponent will be Caracas, from Venezuela, at the Estádio Olímpico de la Universidad Central de Venezuela. Peñarol, from Uruguay, and Rosario Central, from Argentina, are Atlético’s other opponents in Group G.

In the prediction, the fortune teller drew three cards to represent each team. See the symbols that came out for each club:

  • Athletic: King of diamonds, nine of hearts and seven of hearts
  • Caracas: Seven of clubs, eight of clubs and six of hearts
  • Peñarol: Two of hearts, rook and knight of diamonds
  • Rosary: Eight of spades, jack of spades and wizard

Fortune teller predicts Rooster’s future

According to the fortune teller’s interpretation of the cards in the gypsy deck, Atlético fans will have a lot of joy in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. According to Vitor Pinheiro, Galo, in addition to winning several games, will play beautiful football, despite suffering a small stumble.

“Atlético starts well with the king of diamonds. Nine of Cups is an excellent card. I see the fans’ satisfaction with the team playing well. Atlético starts very well, they are very happy, they play well. There are some wrong choices at the end, but I don’t see any risk of not qualifying”, predicted the fortune teller.

Peñarol and Rosario will disappoint, says expert

Peñarol, one of the most traditional teams in South America and which was the top seed in Group G, will not perform as well as Atlético, according to the forecast.

“Peñarol has this tower card here that really collapses. It looks like they’re going to take a beating, a very heavy defeat. It starts reasonably with a two of hearts here, it’s not a big deal. There is a knight of diamonds, which ends well, but not for classification purposes. This letter from the tower here is meant to be destroyed”, he highlighted.

For the fortune teller, Rosario, one of the biggest clubs in Argentine football, will also disappoint in the group stage. “It starts very badly with the eight of spades. Page of spades is stubbornness and persistence in things that will lead to nothing. Magician card has potential, but very weak”, he analyzed.

Caracas will be the surprise of Group G

Atlético’s first opponent in the 2024 Libertadores will be the group’s biggest surprise. According to the fortune teller’s prediction, the Venezuelan team will take the second qualifying spot. “Fighting team, this Caracas, in people? It’s not a team that will be stupid, that will be easy prey. It’s a team that will try to do things. It won’t be easy to beat,” he highlighted.

“It is very clear to me that Atlético are ranked first. Now, for the balance here, Peñarol and Rosario Central came with destructive, negative cards. Caracas comes more balanced, fighting, and with a card of joy and happiness. I believe Caracas will qualify second. Due to the balance of the cards, Peñarol is in third”, he concluded.

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