Textor’s ‘evidence’ is mocked behind the scenes at the STJD

Textor’s ‘evidence’ is mocked behind the scenes at the STJD
Textor’s ‘evidence’ is mocked behind the scenes at the STJD

A publication by John Textor, saying he has evidence of match manipulation in Palmeiras games in the Brazilian Championshipdid not change the perception of the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice) about what the owner of the SAF of the Botafogo.

According to the ESPN with members of the court, nothing that the North American has shown so far leads us to believe in any type of irregularity involving Series A matches. On Monday (1), Textor specifically mentioned Palmeiras games against Fortaleza and São Paulo.

The behind-the-scenes view of the STJD is that Textor is just “playing for the fans”. A definition based on the reports that the manager has already presented, from the company “Good Game”, which point out, in the company’s view, errors that would be suspicious in favor of the Palm trees in some games.

It turns out that the report alone does not prove anything in the opinion of the judges. “These reports he is relying on are ridiculous. The company’s greatest achievement was analyzing handball matches. The owner of the company himself has already given an interview in Brazil stating that the reports are not enough, but more evidence”, said a member of the STJD to the report.

The comparison that people linked to the sports court make is with company reports Sportradara partner of the CBF and which has already been used in recent processes at the STJD.

A Sportradar works with more than 900 online betting houses and focuses on suspicious movements. Big money put toward a specific, sometimes unlikely, outcome that ends up happening raises a red flag. Only then is the game analyzed in more depth.

Even so, all cases that ended up being judged by the STJD involving match-fixing never considered only this report, but also other evidence of irregularities. It is something that the court has not seen Textor present at any time.

Textor and STJD, in fact, they also have a turbulent history. This is because the leader has publicly questioned the authority that the court has to receive and judge his “evidence”. That’s why he has been reluctant to send any content to members of the sports court.

O STJDin turn, has already summoned the North American to present what he has to the court, which would be competent to do so, under penalty of suspension.

Cited as benefiting by Textor, Palmeiras has already sent a measure against the Botafogo top hat to the STJD for his statements and said that it will also prosecute him civilly and criminally.

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