Bride becomes a “problem” in Endrick’s career and worries the family and Real Madrid

Bride becomes a “problem” in Endrick’s career and worries the family and Real Madrid
Bride becomes a “problem” in Endrick’s career and worries the family and Real Madrid

The boy Endrick, a star from Palmeiras bought by Real Madrid, has just brought an unusual concern to his family and the Spanish club.

It is about the romance that the young star lives with model Gabriely Miranda.

The couple started dating at the end of last year and are planning to get married.

Gabriely avoids commenting on the subject, but the player takes it for granted that his girlfriend will go to Spain in July, when he joins Real Madrid and turns 18.

Article published by the newspaper Extra explains the situation in detail:

“The relationship became an issue for the player’s team in Brazil and Europe, including in the corridors of the powerful Spanish team. Although Endrick’s parents adore their daughter-in-law, they were advised to, let’s say, persuade their son to take it easy.

According to EXTRA sources, the biggest concern is that the player’s relationship takes the focus away from ‘what matters’, performance on one of the biggest teams in the world. The idea is even being considered that a more intimate friend, a ‘parça’ style, will live with Endrick in the Spanish capital in the first year of his contract, so that he can adapt and focus completely on football.

The teams’ fear is that what has already happened to many others who left Brazil together to start a life far away, in the cold of Europe, without a support network, will happen to the couple. ‘This has already happened to several Brazilian players. They arrive in a strange country, with their girlfriends or wives, and the relationship often goes through adjustment problems, which is reflected in the field’, says one of the sources.

During Brazil’s friendlies against England and Spain, Gabriely was in Madrid and London closely following the striker, who left his mark of goals for the national team. Evangelical, she even started following the Lagoinha Church in the Spanish capital.

With Endrick’s visibility, the model already goes through embarrassing situations on social media. There are many prejudiced comments that suggest that Gabriely is dating the player because of the many millions he is worth in football. ‘Smarter than you, just two of you’, ‘What it’s like to retire at 21’, ‘What’s with a profile bought here saying he loves you, it’s not in the comic’, ‘Let’s pretend no one knows why this her love, right’, are just some of the many found in the model’s publications.”

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