BRB introduces clause for contract termination without fine if Flamengo becomes SAF

BRB introduces clause for contract termination without fine if Flamengo becomes SAF
BRB introduces clause for contract termination without fine if Flamengo becomes SAF

Management has been working

Flamengo won the first game of the Campeonato Carioca 3-0 against Nova Iguaçu, last Saturday (30), at Maracanã. With this, the team goes into the decisive clash, with a comfortable advantage and Tite can have his start at Rubro-Negro marked by two titles.

© Thiago Ribeiro/AGIFRodolfo Landim was surprised by the sponsor’s contractual clause

Before entering the field, the board had already agreed to hire Carlinhos, one of Nova Iguaçu’s highlights. The Rio team took action to avoid losing the competition to other clubs, which had been investigating the athlete’s situation.

In order to remain active in the market, the board has been analyzing and seeking to close advantageous agreements with the team to have greater financial autonomy. With this, the Chelsea Owner can make a deal worth R$81 million, involving Mais Querido.

In addition to seeking to value the team in relation to the supplier of sporting goods. Flamengo wants to increase its valuation and is at an impasse with Adidas and, because of this, Puma met with the Rio team seeking an agreement.

The board is not messing around in the market

In view of these movements that have been taking place, BRB’s sponsorship with Flamengo, which will be resumed this Monday (1), included a clause to provide greater security to the sponsorship in view of the next steps that the team can take in the season.

The Brasília bank placed a contract that could allow termination, at no cost, if Flamengo creates a SAF for its football in the next few years of the contract. The contract was signed for a three-year contract, with sponsorship exposure on the shoulder, which will yield R$25 million per year until March 2026.

According to information from the Mundo Rubro-Negro portal, in the clause that allows BRB to terminate sponsorship if it becomes SAF. Through the contract, it details that “the social change or modification of the purpose of the sponsored company, as well as its association with another, merger, split or incorporation”.

Should Flamengo become SAF?

Should Flamengo become SAF?


But, it is worth highlighting that this change would not affect the other two contracts, the first for the use of the Flamengo brand by BRB, which lasts five years and yields R$15 million per year to the Rubro-Negros coffers.

Rubro-Negro is financially strong

The contract for the creation of the Nação BRB Fla bank, which is a longer contract of 20 years, provides for 45% of the profits for the team. However, for these contracts to come into force, the approval of the Deliberative Council is necessary, in a meeting scheduled for this Monday (1), at 7 pm.

It is worth remembering that last week, president Rodolfo Landim highlighted to vice-president of Heritage Arthur Rocha that he will not propose that Flamengo become SAF before the end of his term, which runs until December.

However, Landim has been defending the creation of SAF, as the best alternative to finance the construction of the stadium, without having to compromise the team’s finances during the season.

However, this decision should only be made after acquiring the land for construction, which has not happened yet. However, part of the board does not agree and believes that Flamengo does not need this to start the work.

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