Flamengo and BRB sign new millionaire sponsorship

Flamengo and BRB sign new millionaire sponsorship
Flamengo and BRB sign new millionaire sponsorship

New sponsorship extends BRB’s time on Flamengo’s shoulder

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Flamengo and Banco BRB have a new partnership contract. In a meeting on Monday night (01), the club’s Deliberative Council approved the renewal of the link between the parties. Now, the union will generate R$50 million by December 2025.

The meeting took place at Flamengo’s headquarters in Gávea, South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Therefore, the result approved the proposal of the bank based in Brasília. Therefore, BRB will pay R$25 million in 2024 and another R$25 million in 2025 to keep the brand on the shoulder blade of the shirt (shoulder height).

Previously a master sponsor, BRB left the center of Manto Sagrado after the arrival of Pixbet. This is because the bookmaker signed a contract with Flamengo to pay R$85 million per year. In this way, Banco de Brasília passed to the omoplata.


In addition to Banco BRB and Pixbet, Flamengo has other maracas that also have space in Manto Sagrado. Therefore, these are the cases of the material supplier Adidas, the virtual commerce company Mercado Livre, the social network Kwai, the construction material store ABC, the Insurance Assist Card, the telephony company Tim and the delivery company Zé Delivery.


  • Pixbet (master): R$85 million/year
  • Adidas (supplier): R$69 million/year
  • BRB (shoulder blade): R$ 25.2 million/year
  • Mercado Livre (back): R$ 21.5 million/year
  • Kwai (mango): R$10 million
  • ABC (short): R$7.1 million
  • Assist card (back bar): R$8.5 million
  • Tim (number): R$7 million
  • Zé Delivery (meião): R$6.8 million/end of 2024

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