Lula’s son speaks out after accusation of psychological violence: ‘Fantastic statements’


President Lula’s youngest son, Luís Claudio Lula da Silva, spoke out about the accusation made by an ex-girlfriend of aggression against him. The case is being investigated at the São Paulo Women’s Defense Police Station.

Luís Claudio Lula da Silva, 39 years old

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@luisclaudioluladasilva

President Lula’s youngest son, Luís Claudio Lula da Silvaaged 39, spoke, on the night of this Tuesday, 2, about the report of assault made by an ex-girlfriend.

His defense called the statements made by the woman “fanciful”in addition to insinuating that she was the one who had committed crimes.

“As Luís Cláudio Lula da Silva’s lawyer, we became aware of the fanciful statements that would have been made by the doctor, attributing to our client untrue and fanciful attacks, whose lies fall within the types of crimes of slander, insult and defamation, in addition to respond for compensation for moral damages, which is why the relevant legal measures will be taken”, says the note signed by lawyer Carmen Silva Costa Ramos Tannuri.

Ex-girlfriend’s complaint

An ex-girlfriend of Luís Claudio Lula da Silva denounced him for psychological aggression, this Tuesday. The information was initially published on the portal Metropolises and confirmed by Earth with Luís Claudio’s ex-partner.

The woman, who preferred not to be identified, said she discovered more than 30 betrayals on her ex’s cell phone. The two even got into a kind of physical fight — she, to get the device; him, to prevent her from accessing the phone –, but she claims there was no physical attack.

“It’s the psychological violence that stuck. These are the ones that kill me,” he said.

According to the woman, the two are no longer together since she discovered the betrayals. The ex says that Luís Claudio assumed a relationship with one of his lovers.

In a statement, the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat (SSP-SP) confirmed that the 29-year-old woman registered a police report against her 39-year-old partner. The crimes listed are: domestic violence, threats, criminal acts, psychological violence against women and insults. The complaint was made at the Online Women’s Police Station.

“The actions would have started in January of this year. The investigations were forwarded to the 1st Police Station for the Defense of Women (DMM), which continues with the steps with the aim of clarifying the facts”, adds the ministry.

Violence against women: is it possible to report it late?

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