The youngest Brazilian billionaire in the world; Who is Livia Voigt?

The youngest Brazilian billionaire in the world; Who is Livia Voigt?
The youngest Brazilian billionaire in the world; Who is Livia Voigt?

This Tuesday (2), the Forbes released its list of the 25 youngest billionaires in the world in 2024. This year, the lucky one is a Brazilian: Livia Voigt, 19 years old. The native of Santa Catarina is still studying psychology, but has already accumulated US$ 1.1 billion (R$ 5.5 billion).

Where does the fortune of the youngest Brazilian billionaire in the world come from?

His fortune comes from his minority stake in the electrical equipment producer WEG, co-founded by his late grandfather, Werner Ricardo Voigt. He founded the company in 1961, with Eggon João da Silva and Geraldo Werninghaus, working only with electric motors at the time.

Livia’s older sister, Dora Voigt de Assis, aged 26, is also included in the ranking, being the ninth youngest billionaire in the world. Each of them owns 3.1% of the company, one of the largest manufacturers of electric motors in the world. However, none of the young women work in the operations, even though they receive millions in dividends.

Brazilian Livia Voigt is just two months younger than the second youngest billionaire in the world, Clemente Del Vecchio. The Italian is the son of Leonardo Del Vecchio, founder and president of the world’s largest eyeglasses and frames retailer, Luxottica, who died in 2022.

Together, the 25 youngest billionaires in the world, aged up to 33, are worth US$110 billion (R$555.5 billion). Forbes highlights that, for the first time since 2009, all members of the list under 30 are heirs.

Beyond young people: who are the richest billionaires in Brazil and the world

According to the magazine, the richest person in the world remains Bernard Arnault, for the second year in a row. The Frenchman has an estimated fortune of US$233 billion (R$1.1 trillion). He is the founder and CEO of LVMH, the company behind brands such as Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co. and Sephora, for example.

In Brazil, the leadership is Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook, with assets of US$28 billion (R$141.4 billion). In second place is Vicky Safra and family, today with US$20.6 billion (R$104 billion). Vicky is the widow of Joseph Safra, the Lebanese who founded Banco Safra in the country.

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