People celebrate expansion of the flu vaccination campaign in BH

People celebrate expansion of the flu vaccination campaign in BH
People celebrate expansion of the flu vaccination campaign in BH

Public received the vaccine at an extra station at UniBH | Photo: Videopress Producer

The extra flu vaccination station in the Buritis neighborhood, western region of Belo Horizonte, recorded calm movement this Monday morning (April 1). The location is one of those offering the flu vaccine. The Vaccination Campaign in the capital of Minas Gerais had an expanded audience this week, something that surprised the population.

Among them, civil engineer Elton Carvalho Guedes, 73 years old. He was informed by his wife that he is already part of the target audience, as he is over 60 years old. As soon as he received the news, he didn’t want to waste any time. “I was at Pilates, my wife called me saying that UniBH is vaccinating, and I came straight,” he recalls.

The engineer says he is eager to get vaccinated. “I wish I had received it sooner, I usually do it through the private network. But this year it started earlier, and I decided to get vaccinated”, explains the man, who will reciprocate his wife’s care. “Now I’m going to bring her to get vaccinated. I’ve already looked at the schedule”, he assures.

Retired Renato Pinheiro Hoffman, 58, also said he was surprised by the expansion of the campaign’s target audience. He joined the list of people who can now be vaccinated because he is diabetic. Upon learning that he could receive the vaccine, he quickly organized himself to go to the vaccination center.

“The flu was strong. There was a lot of coughing, a lot of runny nose, a bad body. Then you switched to natural products, because there was no vaccine. When it became available, I started taking it. Thank God, it’s working. Immunity improves a lot” , rejoices.

Also in the priority group due to age, Denise Dantas, aged 62, highlights the importance of protecting yourself against the flu, even if you don’t have a family history of respiratory diseases. “I have rhinitis, and my grandson has allergic rhinitis. Other than that, we have no history of winter illnesses, but it’s always good to take precautions. Vaccination is life, it’s health”, says the woman.

At the extra post, open at the UniBH unit, in the Buritis neighborhood, flu vaccination takes place from 9am to 2pm. The vaccine is also provided in the 152 health centers in Belo Horizonte, from 8am to 5pm.

To receive the vaccine, you must present an identification document with photo, CPF, proof of address and vaccination card. For some audiences, it is also necessary to present proof of the role performed, in the case of professionals who have priority, or a medical report proving the health condition.

Vaccination addresses and times can be found at city ​​hall website.

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