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Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple and mainly responsible for creating the iPhone, died in 2011 after complications from pancreatic cancer.

A Apple turns 48 this Monday, April 1st. Founded in 1976 by Ronald Wayne, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, three young technology enthusiasts, the company emerged with the purpose of launching the first computer for personal use in history — a mission accomplished by the Apple I, presented on April 11, 1976, and successful with the Apple II, marketed from June 1977.

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But the real star of the beginning of the most valuable company in the world was the Macintosh, which turned 40 in January this year. Apple’s first “Mac” debuted during halftime of the 1984 Super Bowl, with an iconic commercial directed by Ridley Scott, responsible for the classic science fiction films “Alien” and “Blade Runner”.


The first company to be worth US$3 trillion

Thirty years after the Apple II, in 2007, the world was impacted once again by an innovative launch from the technology giant. “Today, Apple will reinvent the telephone,” Steve Jobs told the audience when the iPhone debuted. The device was the first to combine different functionalities in a single device, in addition to definitively abolishing mobile phone buttons.

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In 2018, almost ten years after the first iPhone, Apple won the title of the first private company to be worth US$1 trillion — the first was PetroChina in 2007.

However, it only took 5 years for the largest company in the world to reach the historic milestone of being the first company (both public and private) valued at US$3 trillion, a feat achieved on June 30, 2023, months before the release of the Apple Vision ProBig Tech’s pioneering virtual reality glasses.

On this anniversary, remember 5 interesting facts about Apple:

Ronald Wayne, co-founder, sold his stake in Apple for $800 Ronald Wayne, one of Apple’s three co-founders, sold his stake in the company for $800, 12 days after Apple was founded in 1976. Worried about debt of the company and with the personal imbalance he could face if it failed, Wayne gave up his stake — which today would be worth billions of dollars.more
Apple’s first logo was not an apple Apple’s first logo was a representation of Isaac Newton under an apple tree with an apple hanging above his head, inspired by the story of the apple that fell on Isaac Newton’s head, taking him o to formulate the law of gravity. However, this logo was used for a short period of time, as it was soon replaced by the famous bitten apple, designed by Rob Janoff.more
Apple Once Had a Clothing Brand Apple had a brief foray into fashion in 1986. The company launched a line of clothing and accessories under the name “The Apple Collection.” However, without public buy-in and Steve Jobs’ blessing, the brand quickly failed.more
Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple in 1997. At the time the rival’s investment took place, Apple was experiencing financial difficulties and faced significant challenges. Microsoft’s investment was part of a broader agreement between the two companies, which also involved intellectual property issues and legal litigation. “We both always like to talk to each other. We were close friends. Of course, we were competitors, but that’s always a positive thing”, said Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, about his relationship with Steve Jobs.more
After controversies in the past, Apple made several sustainable commitments A few years ago, Apple faced some controversies related to inadequate labor practices in its factories, including poor conditions and violations of workers’ rights, the environmental impact of its operations and supply chain, and data privacy and security issues. Since then, the company has made a commitment to development based on ESG (an acronym to describe positive actions related to the environment, society and corporate ethics), publishing an annual report demonstrating its results in each of these areas. During the launch of the iPhone 15 in 2023, Tim Cook stated: “By 2030, all of our products will have zero impact on nature.” more

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