Telegram contests order to block Nikolas Ferreira’s account


Photo: Playback, Twitter

Telegram asked Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the STF, to reconsider the decision to block the channel of councilor and elected federal deputy Nikolas Ferreira (PL-MG, photo).

In a letter sent to the magistrate, the application’s lawyers stated that many of the Court’s determinations are made with “generic rationale” and in a way “disproportionate”.

Telegram representatives also said that blocking profiles entirely could represent censorshipmaintaining that the punishment “prevents a space of free communication for legitimate speeches, implying censorship and curbing the right of Brazilian citizens to freedom of expression.

The manifestation of the messaging application was carried out in the investigation that investigates undemocratic acts. In it, Telegram stated that it was not presented “any grounds or justification for the full blockade” of Nikolas Ferreira’s profile, claiming that the minister’s decision did not identify “the specific contents that would be considered illegal”.

Telegram informed the STF that it complied with the determination to block three other channels: two linked to presenter Bruno Aiub, the Monark, and another by Paula Marisa, a Bolsonarist influencer.

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