Operation arrests PM corporal and 2 partners accused of kidnapping drug dealers – Campos 24 Horas

23/09/2022, 08:11, Photo: Campos 24 Horas.

The Public Ministry of the State of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ), through the Special Action Group to Combat Organized Crime (GAECO/MPRJ), carries out this Friday (23/09) an operation to arrest a military police officer and two henchmen. , accused of kidnapping two drug dealers in Cabo Frio. The operation, which also fulfills search and seizure warrants at addresses linked to those denounced in the capital, in Armação dos Búzios, in the Lagos Region and in the city of

Montanha, in Espírito Santo, has the support of the Security and Intelligence Coordination (CSI/MPRJ) and is carried out in partnership with the Military Police, through the General Corregedoria and the 5th Company of the 25th BOM and GAECO/MPES. (read more below)

Investigations showed that, on October 19, 2021, in the Alto da Rasa neighborhood, in Cabo Frio, police officer Bruno Paulo Pereira do Carmo do Valle, alongside his comrades Thiago Rezende Pimentel Trindade, known as Jarbinha or Mexicano, and Cristiano Ribeiro Xavier, known as Baiano, kidnapped, using firearms, two members of the criminal organization that dominates drug trafficking in the neighborhoods of Maria Joaquina, in Cabo Frio, and Rasa, in Búzios. (read more below)

The traffickers were in a cafeteria when they were surprised by the heavily armed presence of the three accused, who made them get into a car and began to demand the sum of R$20,000 to free them. In addition, the three made one of the kidnapped call the local drug lord of the Terceiro Comando Puro criminal faction, Valdinei Quintanilha, known as Macaco, asking him to reduce the amounts required for the accused to exploit the clandestine TV service cable offered in the two communities dominated by the group. The amount charged by the organization led by Macaco, which was BRL 1,500 per month, was now BRL 3,000. (read more below)

As the drug trafficker did not accept to pay the amount requested by Bruno, Thiago and Cristiano, nor reduce the charge for the exploitation of the illegal service in the communities, the accused left the victims on the side of the road, near a gas station, in the city of San Pedro da Aldeia. (read more below)

The crimes of extortion by means of kidnapping were also committed by criminal association, as the accused joined together with the specific purpose of clandestinely exploring telecommunication activities (art. 183 of Law No. 9,472/97), associating for drug trafficking, carrying firearms (art. 14 of law n° 10.826/2003), in addition to illegally threatening and constraining people from the Maria Joaquina (Cabo Frio) and Rasa (Armação dos Búzios) neighborhoods.


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