MC Carol arrives at Rock in Rio after years ‘of terror’ with the team: ‘I was robbed’ | Song

MC Carol arrives at Rock in Rio after years ‘of terror’ with the team: ‘I was robbed’ | Song
MC Carol arrives at Rock in Rio after years ‘of terror’ with the team: ‘I was robbed’ | Song

She is on tour for the album “Borogodó”, the result of two facets of the artist. At the forefront is Carol of funk lyrics about female sexual freedom, always ready for another party. In the video above, she talks about the album.

Behind the scenes is a second Carol, who is serious about sneering funk. She just takes the stage sober, reflects on the trappings of fame and recounts how she took the reins of her career after years of “terror” on the road: “I was robbed by the guys,” she recalls.

Strong voice and varied bases

Do you think the 27-year-old single singer is chasing men? You got it right. But that’s how it is: Carol searches Brazil for DJs to reflect the richness of funk – from the flat beats to Rio’s frenetic 170 BPM rhythm; from the cheesy funk of Recife to the hypnotic sound of BH.

The way she likes it, with one partner after another, she embraces aspects of funk – and even the Bahian pagodão in “Seu Neighbor”, with O Maestro. He faces the cheesy funk singers Cleytinho Paz and CL No Beat in “Novinho de 17” and replies “17 years with me there’s no conversation / it’s over 18, dick breaks”.

Carol’s firm voice unites the different beats. In “Calibre Grosso”, she cleverly accompanies the fragmented Minas Gerais style of DJ Cezão da Vila and DJ Pquatro. She even boasts with DJ Zigão from Brasília in “Vida de Artista”: “We know how it is, this artist’s life, the youngsters wanting to change their lives”.

But her “artist life” isn’t really a mess. “Those who don’t know me think my life is a riot. But there’s nothing about riot.” Finding that balance was difficult and painful. Upon learning about MC Kevin’s death, she says that a movie of her own life flashed through her head. See below.

MC Carol mourns the death of MC Kevin and talks about the trappings of fame for young people from the periphery

“Borogodó” is his second album, five years after “Bandida”. She emerged with aggressive, explicit and engaged funks like “100% feminist”, “Não foi Cabral” and “Mamãe da putaria”, in the wake of Cariocas like Tati Quebra-Barraco and Deize Tigrona and ahead of the new star from São Paulo MC Dricka.

Well before the wave of female lyrics in US rap, Carol from Niterói was already kicking the bucket further than Cardi B and Megan Thee Stalion in homemade funks like “My boyfriend is the biggest sucker”.

But the author of the lyrics about getting fed up with multiple partners doesn’t mix sex and work (“you’re not going to work at MC Donald’s and pick up lots of women at the counter,” she compares). Carol really cares about finding serious partners for her team.

1 of 3 Cover of the album ‘Borogodó’, by MC Carol, inspired by Botticelli — Photo: Disclosure

MC Carol’s ‘Borogodó’ album cover, inspired by Botticelli — Photo: Disclosure

Raising her voice for men was a matter of survival for the singer who today extols feminism and sexual and musical freedom.

Carolina de Oliveira Lourenço was born in 1993 in Niterói, and grew up in Morro do Preventório, raised by her great-grandparents. At 14, she had to live alone and starved until she found a light in music. Even so, the beginning of his career in 2010 did not bring an easy solution.

“I was younger and the guys (on the team were) older. My word was always the last one. The guys worked for me and it felt like I worked for them. I got ripped off by these guys.”

Carol had a heavy, sloppy routine, up to seven shows a night, in which she struggled to make ends meet while the rest of the crew seemed to live in the fictional world of party funk. Even the concert marathon driver showed up drunk. “And I had to get in that car.”

“I could have died several times. It wasn’t my fault, it was because of people on my team who were irresponsible,” she says. “My life settled down in 2016. But I started in 2010. So it was six years of terror.”

She only found the plumb when she had the strength to confront the men on the team. “I imposed myself and left for one. But I had to get up”, she says. Today, she runs the tram with another woman. Her manager is Ana Paula Paulino from Minas Gerais.

Now she goes much further – and without a drunk driver. Carol was chosen by Google as one of the YouTube Black Voices artists, to encourage black artists, and was featured on the big screen of the show in Times Square, New York.

From the “horror movie” in the past, she went to a great performance with a somewhat comical character in the movie “In the heart of the world”, the first step in her project to expand her work to cinema as well.

2 of 3 MC Carol — Photo: Disclosure

MC Carol — Photo: Disclosure

In May, Carol shared a text lamenting the death of MC Kevin and talking about the illusion of fame for young people from the periphery.

“It was a sad stop, a new kid. When I saw it, there was a movie in my head of everything I’ve been through all these years,” she says.

“Most artists are depressed, depressive, especially funkeiros. We are young, black, who had nothing (literally and figuratively) until yesterday. One day, we are sitting on the street, counting the coins to buy a bag of rice , being humiliated, despised daily. With no one, lost, looking out to sea, screaming inside, wishing for death. The other day, we are loved by all, we are great,” she wrote.

“We try to buy with money what we never had. We feel that our loneliness is the same before. Maybe even deeper,” he added.

The difficult thing is not to be dazzled. “Before, nobody invited me for anything. For Christmas, for New Year’s, for nothing. Then, on Monday, people would invite me to barbecue”, she says.

Today, in peace, she prefers to rest her “borogodó” on Mondays to sing independence in sex and funk when the weekend arrives.

3 of 3 MC Carol — Photo: Disclosure

MC Carol — Photo: Disclosure

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