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With so many connections that go back to the group’s beginnings in 2019, Yeonjun talks about the second song on the album, which is just seven seconds long and is in morse code. “We were introduced to the public with morse code, so it was very nostalgic to have a track like that on tomorrow.”

The group highly praised the “golden trio” who composed and produced the main track, and have been working with them since Big Hit was a bush. Slow Rabbit, Bang PD and Supreme Boi are important figures both in the history of the company and in both groups that emerged from it (BTS and TXT). Yeonjun was very grateful for all the collaborations.

Taehyun explained that Slow Rabbit asked him to give everything in the song’s adlibs; “He told me to give my soul and I did”, said the singer smiling.

Taehyun at the “minisode 3: tomorrow” press conference Image: Disclosure/HYBE

The MV for “Deja Vu” is quite emotional and required their artistic flair. Beomgyu explained that he had no idea where to look in the scene he had to act with Yeonjun, and that he was even embarrassed, because Yeonjun started crying and actually got into the role. “The director did everything, explained what he wanted and I cried without fear,” he said.

Beomgyu at the “minisode 3: tomorrow” press conference Image: Disclosure/HYBE

When asked about what this new era means for them, Hueningkai shined when responding about growth: “We have all grown a lot physically and emotionally. We are better at details, we can reach different layers of emotions, more nuances in the different sadnesses and joys that We want to show it to the girls.”

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