The 13 Scariest Horror Films in Movie History

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One of the most prolific genres of the seventh art, the horror manifests itself in different ways, in various subgenres. Of slasher to the film of demonic possession, several films bring with them images that were forever marked in the memory of their audience, either by the gore explicit or by psychological and traumatizing elements. Everyone likes a good horror movie – at least those who aren’t afraid to witness the horror.

If that’s your favorite genre, we’ve prepared a special selection with 13 Scariest Horror Movies Of All Time! Here, you will see a collection of demons, hauntings, masked assassins and even beings from other planets, including adaptations of great literary works. Turn off the lights and have fun… but watch out for what lurks under your bed!

The Innocents (1961)

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Whoever thinks that only the most recent films, full of scares and jumpscares, are really scary. A perfect proof of this is The Innocentsa 1961 film directed by Jack Claytonwhich adapts the masterpiece by Henry Jamesthe book Another Turn of the Screw – it is worth remembering that this story also served as the basis for The Curse of Bly Manor.

In The Innocents, we follow a woman who is hired to live in a large English house, where she must take care of two young brothers. Gradually, she notices small disturbances in the mansion, and this mystery turns out to be much darker than she imagines. With its stunning black-and-white photography, it’s an excellent haunting story.

The Exorcist (1973)

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You might even be on the team you think The Exorcist a dated movie, but the classics are classics for some reason, and the ultimate work of William Friedkin certainly evokes the best of the book by William Peter Blattyabout a young girl who gradually becomes the victim of a terrifying demon, while her mother despairs and turns to divine powers.

In many ways, the 1973 film is a perfect masterpiece – whether in the direction, in the brilliant performances of Linda Blair and Ellen Burstyn or even in the imagery used through makeup and practical effects. This is the movie that traumatized generations and created a legion of horror fans. It is worth remembering that a new trilogy is being developed to follow up on the original!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

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One of the “fathers” of slasherthe classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacrein Tobe Hooper, is definitely one of the most disturbing films of all time, as it deals with a family of cannibals who kidnap and kill a group of friends lost on a road in Texas. And the most curious thing of all is how the original film is economical in its gore and violence.

While the idea of ​​a masked killer (with a mask made of human skin, by the way) is disturbing, the Massacre original uses and abuses suggestion to create its most terrifying moments – like, for example, the whole dinner scene where Sally Hardesty is confronted by the “family” of leatherfaceone of the most traumatizing moments ever seen in cinema.

The Shining (1980)

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Any list of “horror movies” wouldn’t be complete without at least one adaptation of Stephen King. Curiously, The illuminated is the work least liked by the author, since Stanley Kubrick changed several elements of the original book, in addition to having discarded all the explosive ending described in the literary work.

But putting aside the enmity between Kubrick and King, the film is a work of art, with gorgeous shots and a terrifying sense of claustrophobia – which is even more curious, considering that the story takes place in a gigantic hotel. Highlight for the performances of Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvallwhich elevate suspense and horror to maximum power.

The Riddle of Another World (1982)

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John Carpenter is one of the most prolific directors of the genre, having been the father of the “first slasher” already done, Halloween: The Night of Terror. Even so, one of his most cult works is The Enigma of Another Worldan adaptation of the John W. Campbell Jr.which had already served as the basis for a 1950s B-movie, The Arctic Monster.

starring Kurt Russell, The Enigma of Another World depicts a group of researchers and scientists who find themselves stranded on a base in Antarctica, where they are haunted by a shape-shifting alien being. Gradually, people begin to distrust each other and paranoia turns an already terrifying situation into something completely dark.

Ringu: The Ring (1998)

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The late 90s and early 2000s brought a true Asian invasion of the horror genre – and one of those responsible for that was Ringu: The Calla feature that later won an American remake starring Naomi Watts. However, here we don’t have Samara Morgan, since the original haunting is called Sadako.

The story reflects some of the fears and anxieties of the Japanese people at the turn of the millennium, with the arrival of new technologies and rampant modernization – so much so that the story is focused on a cursed videotape, which brings with it an ill omen for all who watch it – along with the certainty that they will die in seven days…

Kairo (2001)

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On the other hand, one of the most remarkable works of the j-horror It is Kairo (or Pulseas it is also known), long Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Like this The callthe story also reflects the concerns around new technologies, especially the Internetas it deals with a slow infection of hungry spirits through the virtual world.

Instead of betting on scares and jumpscares, the film is scary for raising the tension and the feeling of isolation to the tenth power, in addition to having very distressing scenes. In 2006, a remake american with Kristen Bell and Ian Somerhalder – but this one you can do without, as it is a dark adaptation of the excellent original film.

Spirits: Death Is By Your Side (2004)

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While Japan has taken the lead in horror films, other Asian countries have also invested heavily in their own explorations of the genre – and one of the most prominent is Thailand, which in 2004 introduced us to the fascinating Spirits: Death Is By Your Sidethe duo’s debut feature Banjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoom Wongpoom.

The plot is centered on a young photographer, who gradually discovers that his photos have strange stains, after a tragic accident. Together with his girlfriend, he tries to investigate the cause of these bizarre occurrences – and it all seems to be directly connected to his past. After seeing this movie, you will pray for Never feel back pain…

Abyss of Fear (2005)

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Six friends decide to get together to explore caves in the Appalachian mountains, but what was supposed to be an adventure-filled journey turns into a haunting nightmare when they find themselves trapped in an abyss, along with murderous creatures. This is the plot of Abyss of Feara film named after the director Neil Marshall in the center of the spotlight.

What makes this film so impressive is the way it manages to create tension through its various resources: the scarcity of sunlight, the cramped and claustrophobic spaces inside the cave, the very look of the monsters, not to mention the subtle and brilliant performances of the cast. . Stay away from the sequel, released in 2009, though, which spoils some of the original film’s fun.

Martyrs (2008)

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O New Extremism it is a movement started in France, which has brought us some of the most disturbing works of horror. martyrs is living proof of that, a film that scares more for the way it treats the body horror and the violence experienced by its protagonists, even if everything has an almost “divine” motive.

The plot unfolds with several plot twists and twists and turns, but it starts in a surprisingly simple way: a family receives a visit from a distraught woman, and it soon escalates into all-out carnage. From there, we are taken in a spiral of torture, massacre and violence, with terrifying results for everyone involved in the story.

The Entity (2012)

Where to watch: Globoplay, Starz

Scott Derrickson is a relatively versatile director, having started his career in horror and later directed Doctor Strangemovie of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Before that, however, they delivered to the world a sinister vision in The entitya 2012 feature starring Ethan Hawke.

Here, Hawke interprets Ellison Oswalta writer of true crime who moves with her family to a house that has been the scene of gruesome murders, hoping to find inspiration for her next book. However, upon discovering some cassette tapes hidden in the attic, he stumbles upon a supernatural mystery that will change his life forever…

The Conjuring (2013)

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We all know that the universe of Invocation of Evil became one of the biggest phenomena of the culture pop in recent years – and although its spin-offs and more recent sequels have disappointed fans a lot, the first feature remains one of the scariest movies of all time, thanks to the hellish direction of James Wan.

The film follows the legendary pair of paranormal investigators. Ed and Lorraine Warrenwho are called to the new house of Perron family to deal with bizarre events reported by them. Here, Wan revels in bringing very creative scares and an ambiance that recalls great classics from the 70s, such as The Exorcist and Terror in Amityville.

Hereditary (2018)

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More recently, the A24 stood out in the midst of horror production, with directors having creative freedom to make the most experimental and daring works possible. That’s how it came about Hereditarydebut feature by Ari Asterwhich follows a family immersed in mourning, surrounded by macabre and supernatural plots.

In addition to being able to create genuine horror through everyday situations, the film also has an excellent cast led by Toni Collette. However, what makes Hereditary so terrifying and traumatizing is the way it explores family drama and the destruction of all its characters in the face of diabolical forces.

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