Salles hit motoboy with car loaned by Kia president

Salles hit motoboy with car loaned by Kia president
Salles hit motoboy with car loaned by Kia president

Candidate for the post of federal deputy for São Paulo, former Environment Minister Ricardo Salles (PL) was driving a borrowed car when he hit a delivery man’s motorcycle on the night of last Thursday (1st), in the capital of São Paulo.

At the time of the accident, which happened on the way out of the ESPM private university, Salles was driving a red Kia Stonic with Itu (SP) plates. The vehicle is registered in the name of businessman José Luiz Gandini, president of Kia Brasil, and has a suggested price of R$ 147,990.

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UOL Cars questioned the company, official importer of the South Korean brand, about the reason for the vehicle being given to the politician. The brand limited itself to informing that Salles and Gandini are “friends” and did not provide further information.

Our report also contacted the candidate via messaging app and via email, offering space for him to express himself, but so far has not received a response.

Yesterday, Ricardo Salles’ advice and the former minister of the Bolsonaro government himself spoke about the accident, caught on video as he left the university garage, amid a protest against his candidacy.

In the recording, the motoboy stands up and gestures towards the politician’s car, which follows its path, without stopping.

In a note, the team of the candidate for a vacancy in the Chamber stated that “there was no hit-and-run” and said that the entourage was “attacked by vandals, who hit the cars and broke the windshield with sticks and stones, even thrown in the direction” of the politician’s wife.

“The car bumped into the motorcycle almost stopped. We stopped further on, talked to the motorcyclist and he himself reported that he didn’t suffer anything. Only the motorcycle suffered scratches, which have already been compensated”, added the press office.

Salles posted on Twitter yesterday a photo of what would be the damaged windshield of the Kia.

“Horde of barbarians attacked our entourage yesterday. They threw stones, kicked the car and broke the windshield. In the confusion, one of the cars overturned a motorcycle that was almost stopped. We spoke further ahead with the boy, who was not injured. serious.”

Salles declared to have ‘Toyota’ of R$ 120 thousand

Consultation on the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) website for publicizing candidacies and electoral accounts does not bring any direct link between José Luiz Gandini and Ricardo Salles’ campaign.

The name of the president of Kia Brasil does not appear in the list of donors for the candidacy, which until yesterday added up to R$ 1,513,400.

Kia is also not on the list of suppliers in the campaign of the former holder of the Environment portfolio, which this Friday accumulated R$ 441,669.47 in expenses.

Ricardo Salles’ declaration of assets, available on the same website, states that he owns a “Toyota” vehicle, without specifying the model or year of manufacture, valued at R$120,000.

The politician claims to have assets of R$ 3.97 million.

Kia Stonic is a hybrid that does 13 km / l in the city

The model driven by Salles is a small SUV, equipped with mild-hybrid technology.

Imported from South Korea in a single version, the sport utility combines a 1.0-litre turbocharged gasoline engine with an electric one, which together yield 120 hp of power and 20.4 mkgf of torque. The transmission is automatic, with seven speeds and double clutch. With this set, Kia reports that the Stonic can do more than 13 km/l in the city.

The car comes with three driving modes, has a start-stop system and a “sail” function, which automatically decouples the engine to further improve fuel economy.

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