Son of convicted in the Evandro case escapes alone from MS prison at dawn

Son of convicted in the Evandro case escapes alone from MS prison at dawn
Son of convicted in the Evandro case escapes alone from MS prison at dawn

Arrested for just over two months in Mato Grosso do Sul, Luccas Abagge escaped at dawn this Saturday (03) from the Dourados State Penitentiary. He is the son of Beatriz Abagge, known for the Evandro case, has more than 100 years of convictions and a history of escape.

On June 18, 2022, he was arrested trying to enter Ponta Porã, a municipality approximately 250 kilometers from Campo Grande, with a false CNH (National Driver’s License) in the name of Evandro Oliveira Ribeiro. He was with his wife in a Chevrolet Celta, with the headlights off.

Since then, in Dourados, Luccas has been held in an area where detainees linked to the PCC are located. He would have escaped alone around 4 am after going through two fences and climbing the prison wall.

According to sources, he would soon be transferred to a prison in Campo Grande, where security is reinforced.

The State Penitentiary System Administration Agency (Agepen) says it will investigate the case through its Internal Affairs Department.

Items used to escape from prison (Photo: Fala Povo)

Conviction history

In January 2019, Abagge was sentenced to 54 years for a murder that happened in 2016. In July, also 2019, he was again tried and sentenced to another 32 years for another murder and a 2015 attempted murder. All crimes took place in the city of Curitiba, capital of Paraná. Lucas would also have involvement with drugs, in addition to robberies, kidnappings and other crimes.

In Mato Grosso do Sul he became a defendant on June 30 for trying to enter the state using a false document. He had an open arrest warrant in Paraná.

Evandro case

Evandro Ramos Caetano was brutally murdered in 1992, in Guaratuba, on the coast of Paraná. A few days after the disappearance, the boy’s body was found without hands, hair and viscera. The suspicion: he was sacrificed in a satanic ritual.

In the same year, seven people were arrested and confess that they used the boy in a macabre ritual. Beatriz Abagge, Lucas’ mother, was one of those convicted of the crime.

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