Sintrajufe/RS celebrates victory in CSJT decision that suspends until June 2023 threat of extinction of labor courts

The Superior Council of Labor Justice (CSJT) published, this Wednesday, August 31, an act of the Presidency that suspends the application of article 27 of resolution 296/2021, which pointed to the extinction of dozens of labor courts throughout the country. country. The suspension is in effect until June 30, 2023, and partly meets Sintrajufe’s claim, which defends its revocation.

The resolution

Resolution 296/2021 was published in June last year and, in its article 27, provides for the readjustment of the first degree judicial units of the Labor Court in various regions of the country: “Art. 27. The Courts must adopt the necessary measures for the adequacy of jurisdiction or transfer of judicial units of the first degree, considering procedural, social, political, economic and budgetary criteria”. The resolution determines that the regional courts carry out the “adequacy of jurisdiction or transfer of judicial units of the first degree” that have presented “procedural distribution less than 50% (fifty percent) of the average of new cases per Labor Court of the respective court, in the last three years”.

The effects would fit, just at this moment, for 69 labor courts that would be threatened with extinction in Brazil, nine of them in Rio Grande do Sul: Alegrete, Arroio Grande, Encantado, Lagoa Vermelha, Rosário do Sul, Santa Vitória do Palmar, Santana do Livramento , Santiago and San Gabriel. In order to reach the nearest labor courts, jurisdictions and lawyers would have to travel great distances – up to 448 km round trip – if the nine courts are in fact extinct. In addition to the residents of the cities where the sections are located, the population of nearby municipalities affected by the jurisdiction of the threatened courts would also be affected. In total, 668,817 people would be potentially affected by the extinction of these nine sticks.

Act suspended article and questioned arguments of the resolution

Now, act 134, of the Presidency of the CSJT, decides that “the application of art. 27, of CSJT Resolution No. 296, of June 25, 2021, until June 30, 2023”. The decision considers “that the adequacy of jurisdiction or transfer of judicial units must be guided not only by the consideration of the procedural movement, but also by the evaluation of social, political, economic and budgetary criteria”.

Sintrajufe/RS participates in audience in Brasilia

The director of Sintrajufe/RS Arlene Barcellos, who is in Brasilia representing the union in the discussion of various agendas of the category, participates, this Thursday, September 1, in a public hearing against the extinction of labor courts, in the federal capital. At the entrance of the audience, Arlene recorded a video on the subject, highlighting that the suspension is the result of the mobilization of the category. See the video below:

Arlene also recorded a video with Fenajufe coordinator Sandra Cristina Dias, who represented the federation at the hearing in Brasília and made a demonstration on behalf of the entity. Sandra stressed that it is important to keep fighting to definitively defeat the threat. See the full video below:

Union had a media campaign and participated in hearings and meetings to combat the resolution

Since the resolution was published, Sintrajufe/RS has launched a struggle in defense of labor courts and the Labor Court. Immediately, the union sent letters to the municipal councils of the nine municipalities requesting that public hearings be held. Based on these requests, hearings were held at meetings in different locations, seeking to bring communities – especially entities that transit through the courts – together around the agenda. There was also a public hearing at the Legislative Assembly of Rio Grande do Sul, with the participation of Sintrajufe/RS.

In March, Sintrajufe/RS launched a campaign against the extinction of labor courts and for the repeal of the labor reform. The action covers radio stations and newspapers in all regions affected by the threat of closing labor courts, as well as billboards in several cities, including Porto Alegre.

Labor Court resolution 296 TRT4 labor courts

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