Hora do Venenoso scores a 52% lead ahead of TV Jornal in Pernambuco

THE TV Guararapes, a Record TV affiliate in Pernambuco, has many reasons to celebrate. The board ‘The Hour of the Poison’led by journalists Pablo Marques and Gernand Lopesfigures as one of the largest audiences of affiliates in the country.

The attraction that airs on General balancea journalist that highlights reports from Recife and the entire state of Pernambuco, has been doing very well with the audience, mainly, disputing point-to-point against its biggest competitor, TV Globo and the soap opera ‘O Cravo e a Rosa’.

Facing a strong competitor, the gossip board hasn’t come cheap. According to data obtained by the report of the ADTV on August 18, the program scored an average of 7.2 points, against 16.0 for Globo and 5.3 for TV Newspaperan affiliate of SBT.

On August 30, the picture easily won TV Jornal. Guararapes scored an average of 5.2 in the clash against the SBT affiliate, which recorded 3.4 points. A 52% advantage over the third place in the timetable.

Hora do Venenoso leverages Record TV afternoons in Pernambuco

Pablo Marques conducts the gossip program on TV Guararapes (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

The picture, in addition to maintaining a dispute with ‘O Cravo e a Rosa’, from TV Globo, still leverages the afternoons of TV Guararapes. Always delivering in the range of 7.0 to 8.0 points, the attraction raises the indexes, continuing the programming of Record TV national in the state.

The conductor of gossip attraction, Pablo Marques, is also successful beyond the small screen. On his social networks, the presenter has more than 75 thousand followers, making him one of the main entertainment communicators in the northeast.


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