Personal confirms that he stayed with Gracyanne and that Belo asked for his resignation | Celebrities

Personal confirms that he stayed with Gracyanne and that Belo asked for his resignation | Celebrities
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Personal confirms that he stayed with Gracyanne and that Belo asked for his resignation – Reproduction

Personal confirms that he stayed with Gracyanne and that Belo asked for his resignationreproduction

Published 04/23/2024 17:53

Rio – Gilson de Oliveira, seen as the pivot behind the end of Gracyanne Barbosa and Belo’s marriage, confirmed that he stayed with the fitness muse. In an interview led by Raul Gazolla, which began with lawyer Joabs Sobrinho being the athlete’s spokesperson, the personal also revealed that the singer had asked to resign from the gym where he works.

“Gracyanne was always a very reserved person, she greeted everyone, very pleasant. But Belo also worked out at the gym and everyone knew that the marriage was not going well because people commented, behind the scenes they found out that she was separated from him and that they were living under the same roof only because of financial commitments, they did not separate for economic reasons”, revealed Joabs, who said that he also trained at the same gym.

The lawyer then explained that Gilson was not Gracyanne’s personal. “Gilson is being crucified for being the personal trainer who abused a client. Gilson was never Gracyanne’s personal trainer because I worked out there and the time Gracyanne worked out, Gilson was my wife’s personal trainer,” he said.

Also according to Joabs, the videos that circulated of Gracyanne with Gilson at the gym were part of the influencer’s fitness challenge and were carried out during class breaks. “As he is very strong, he could handle the movements she made. The others couldn’t,” she highlighted.

Regarding Gilson and Gracyanne’s relationship, the lawyer stated that it lasted around six months. “They were in a relationship from February to August, it’s a very long period of time. You can’t hide something from February to August and he was always very discreet. He never had any contact with her at the gym about it, always outside the gym. But people knew because she always let it be known that her marriage was no longer going well, that she was a free person and that she was becoming a happy person because she had met Gilson”, he said.

Joabs also revealed that Belo had asked for his staff to leave the gym. “Belo asked his manager, who didn’t go there for nothing, and asked the gym to remove Gilson. On the day that Gilson was removed, he was teaching my wife. He was summarily removed in the middle of the class”, he reported. .

“And then, four or five days later, things got bad, everyone got upset and they were going to start losing students. What did they do? They went back and brought Gilson. They kept him for a while longer, but Belo still did pressure, his manager went there and ‘asked for Gilson’s head’ and then he was fired. Gracyanne asked them to go back and they still kept it”, he stated.

“Gilson, after he was fired, was so upset because he left, that he simply never spoke to Gracyanne again, he completely walked away from her. It wasn’t her who walked away, no. It was him who walked away”, he highlighted, adding that everything happened a year ago.

Raul then directs the questions to Gilson himself to answer and questions what his relationship with Gracyanne was like. “Nothing forced, without any financial interest, as she appears a lot and I am judged by that, by the image she has and not by who I am,” he said. “For me, no one has ever heard anything related to this come out of my mouth,” he highlighted.

Regarding how often they saw each other, the personal revealed: “It was once or twice a week, due to the difficulties of work, because she is who she is and because of the rush of life, actually.”

At another point, Gilson gave his version about his alleged resignation made by Belo. “He claimed that it was because of the couple’s image and also related to the image that the gym could have because I was an employee. However, absolutely nothing ever came out of me. And if anything ever came out, I believe it was their mistake for bringing this to light,” he said.

The personal also gave his opinion on why Belo and Gracyanne didn’t get divorced. “I believe that because of the profession they have, everything they have together and immediately, because of a repercussion that is happening now. But the way it was done was cruel and very cruel to me because I ended up becoming responsible for a something that no longer existed. And I believe that all of this was all calculated by him. [Belo], more by his manager and Léo Dias. Because it’s been a while since I spoke to her”, he highlighted.

Regarding how the story has impacted his life, the personal pointed out: “Currently, this image that was created has harmed me for the simple fact that wherever I go, it’s mockery all the time. I don’t care, but it directly affects the profession and not only mine, but the professionals who are personal. And this obviously limits me that from now on I have more work and the little I have will not meet the needs I have at home”.

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