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New: registry offices launch authorization for organ donation

Supremo launches campaign to combat fake news

Federal government prepares campaign focusing on the religious segment

President of the Republicans/JP wants to elect six councilors

Cícero Lucena on the PT: “There is a lot of convergence”

The challenges of clothing trade at the Campina Grande Fair

Missionary takes office at ALPB due to deputy license

Mayor of Campina intends to fight in court with his party

Internal Affairs says there is no evidence of corruption in the escape in Mossoró

The first finalist of Paraibano 2024 is known

Commission approves double fine for corruption convict

Central Bank now offers more details about Pix keys

Photo: ParaibaOnline

Deputy undergoes surgery and takes leave at ALPB

Decisive duel between Treze x Sousa will also have FIFA arbitration

Dengue ‘X-ray’: symptoms, warning signs and available treatments

In CG: councilor must migrate to MDB to run for elections

Credit card interest rates fall in February

Consumer must be informed about the reason for the price reduction

Rains in Campina Grande: traffic lights turned off and roads closed

PL in João Pessoa confirms alliance with the Novo Party

Autism Awareness Campaign in Campina Grande

Flooding and damage; find out the neighborhoods where it rained the most in CG

Government of PB launches booklet for State civil servants and employees

Correio TV presenter suffers attempted murder

Crisis in the government: deputy resigns from Secretary of Education

illustrative photo rainillustrative photo rain

Photo: Marcello Casal Jr./Agência Brasil

´Flood´ in the city of Areial; find out the balance of rainfall in PB

Braiscompany Case: Civil Police concludes new developments

Jury Court: man invades trial and shoots defendant accused of killing his father

Minibus overturns on BR-104 and leaves four injured

Civil Police seize more than 2 tons of stolen copper in JP

Pedro Cunha Lima: “We are occupying a terrible place”

Republicans and Avante form the largest benches in the CMJP

Flamengo is doing poorly at altitude and only draws in its debut in the Libertadores

Generation Z is a minority among federal public servants

Find out what benefits INSS offers to cancer patients

Mayor guarantees that the PSD will have a majority ticket in Campina

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