‘Total lack of transparency’: FCC has funds for cultural projects suspended by the TCE-SC

‘Total lack of transparency’: FCC has funds for cultural projects suspended by the TCE-SC
‘Total lack of transparency’: FCC has funds for cultural projects suspended by the TCE-SC

The FCC (Fundação Santa Catarina de Cultura) had its transfers to cultural projects in Santa Catarina suspended by the TCE-SC (State Court of Auditors) this Tuesday (2). According to the court, the suspension is due to a “total lack of transparency”.

Pedro Ivo Theater Stage – Photo: Márcio Henrique Martins/FCC/ND

The decision suspended transfers made through the PIC (Culture Incentive Program) and prohibited the foundation from approving new projects. According to a TCE survey, in 2023, the program transferred R$60 million to 120 cultural projects in Santa Catarina.

The incentive proposed by the PIC is through tax waiver of ICMS (Tax on Operations Relating to the Circulation of Goods and on Provisions of Interstate and Intermunicipal Transport and Communication Services), that is, resources from all tax payers in Santa Catherine.

TCE warns FCC about lack of transparency in millionaire transfers since 2021

According to the TCE, the suspension comes after warnings made since 2021, when transfers were suspended following a court survey that highlighted the foundation’s lack of transparency.

At the time, the FCC presented a schedule, which was not followed. After three extensions of the deadline for the cultural body to implement the changes, which were not complied with by the foundation, the transfers were suspended.

“As verified by the technical area of ​​the TCE/SC, there is no transparency regarding the criteria used to approve projects, the destination of resources (individuals or companies), the execution of approved projects and, also, the disclosure of accountability to society for the amounts transferred”, stated the TCE.

In a note, the FCC stated that “it understands that the considerations of the State Court of Auditors (TCE) contribute to increasing transparency and giving more smoothness to the Culture Incentive Program (PIC), which is recent in Santa Catarina and is in constant improvement process”

Also according to the note, registration and analysis of projects under the Culture Incentive Program (PIC) are still ongoing.

The foundation stated that employees are working to meet the TCE’s requirements.

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