‘Justice for Sofia’: in action, crowd surrounds emergency room in SC and secretary is dismissed


Relatives and friends of the family of Sofia Emanueli Ribeiro Pereira, who died of dengue fever at the age of 4, protested this Tuesday (2) in front of the emergency care unit in Barra Velha (SC), where the child was treated and where a investigation is underway to determine whether there was medical negligence.

Protest took place at the Barra Velha emergency care unit – Divulgação/ND

Family and friends also gathered at the City Council Chamber – Disclosure/ND

Before the protest, the group was at the City Council, where they asked for justice. “It was the last straw for our municipality. We want this to be the last death due to negligence in our city. I ask for the removal of those responsible and, mainly, the Secretary of Health for saying that the mother is to blame”, said Rubiani Campos, a family friend, in the gallery.

During the demonstration, Mayor Daniel Pontes da Cunha responded to the family’s request and announced that the previously municipal Health Secretary, Rogério Pinheiro, would be dismissed.

Crowd called for the departure of the Secretary of Health and Justice for Sofia – Video: Disclosure/ND

The municipality informed that the decision was taken together with the former secretary so that the inquiry, promoted by the municipal authorities, would not suffer interference.

“Thus seeking to protect the person of the former secretary, while the administrative procedure for investigating the facts is developed”, highlighted the note.

When contacted by the report, the former secretary sent the city hall’s note and said he had nothing more to declare.

The city hall also preventively removed the doctor who treated Sofia. The objective is to investigate the medical conduct in the care of the child who died on Sunday (31) at Hospital São José, in Jaraguá do Sul, with a diagnosis of severe dengue, after visiting the unit in Barra Velha.


The MPSC (Public Ministry of Santa Catarina) initiated a report to determine whether there was medical negligence in the care of the girl Sofia. The Civil Police also opened an investigation to determine the facts.

According to the Public Ministry, the girl was treated on three occasions and released to return home. After the last consultation, she died due to complications associated with the disease.

Prosecutor Renato Maia de Faria, head of the 1st Prosecutor’s Office, highlighted that the MPSC seeks the complete elucidation of the facts and the due accountability of those involved.

“The municipality of Barra Velha made public the information that it is promoting the opening of an investigation to investigate the events in question. However, this does not actually stop the news, since other measures are essential and urgent,” he stated.

Remember the Sofia case

According to Sofia’s mother, Ana Maria, she sought care three times at the Barra Velha PA. The first was last Monday (25), when Sofia had a fever of 39.7ºC. “I rushed her there and they gave her an orange card, she had to be seen in 10 minutes, but we waited a long time,” she said.

At home and the next day, the family decided to take a private dengue test at a pharmacy, which came back positive. In addition, they continued treatment with supplements and vitamins. The mother, however, noticed that the girl was still very swollen and returned to the unit.

Sofia passed away in the hospital this Sunday (31). The death certificate confirms that one of the causes of death was dengue D, the most serious type of the disease, in addition to acute kidney failure and hemorrhagic shock.

According to the mother, the feeling is one of injustice. “I trusted the doctor. An exam could have saved my daughter. He should have asked for an exam to find out how serious the dengue was. That’s what he needed to admit her,” he said.

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