TCE PA competition defines panel for new public notice


The selection for mid- and higher-level positions at TCE PA has had a committee formed since October 2023. The next step now will be to sign the contract with the panel and then publish the notice.

See the exemption below:


The TCE PA competition was authorized to provide 50 vacancies45 of which for management positions higher level and five for positions of middle level.

In addition to the immediate vacancies, there is a plan to form a reserve register, which may allow for more calls.

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TCE PA competition can offer 126 places; see specialties!

In addition to the 50 vacancies already authorized, the new TCE PA competition will be able to fill an even greater number of opportunities. Apparently, the Court of Auditors of the State of Pará has already decided on around 126 vacancies for the position of external control auditor.

The information was reported by the newspaper O Liberal.

See the distribution of opportunities:

77 vacancies in the Inspection area

Specialties: Actuarial Sciences, Accounting, Law and Civil Engineering.

35 vacancies in the Administrative area

Specialties in Nursing, Administration, Clinical Medicine, Social Work, Accounting, Law, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Dentistry, Government Management, Data Scientist and Psychology.

14 vacancies in the IT area

Specialties of Database Administrator, Security Analyst, Systems Analyst, Support Analyst and Web Design.

The auditor career is aimed at those with higher education. However, it is worth remembering that TCE PA also has vacancies planned for secondary level. For this second, opportunities must include the position of external control technical assistant.

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After forming a commission for the competition, TCE PA defines the panel for the new public notice

(Photo: Rodrigo Lima)

The last TCE PA competition took place eight years ago

Held in 2016, the last competition for the Court of Auditors of the State of Pará was organized by Cebraspe. The selection offered vacancies for medium/technical and higher levels.

At the time, 95 immediate vacancies were offered for various positions, in addition to the creation of a reserve register. Remuneration reached R$7,470.22, including benefits and bonuses, in addition to food vouchers.

Candidates passed an objective test and a discursive test (except for the position of technical assistant). In addition to these two phases, there was also a test of qualifications for higher-level careers.

The competition included questions on Portuguese Language, Accounting and Auditing, Financial and Budgetary Administration, Social Security Law, Constitutional, Administrative, Financial, External Control, Criminal, Civil, Economics and Administration.

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