Government seeks ‘honorable exit’ for Anielle, who should fall


By nominating Anielle Franco as a candidate for vice-president of the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes (PSD), First Lady Janja seems to fulfill a task in Lula’s (PT) move to get rid of the Minister of Racial Equality. “It’s already done,” he has said, according to Planalto sources. Anielle was nominated because she was the sister of Marielle, whose murder was useful to the PT et caterva to attribute the crime to the “right”, but, for Lula’s Federal Police, the mastermind was Domingos Brazão, an ally of the PT in Rio.

If Anielle’s presence reminded us of the “cause” of pointing the finger at Bolsonaro, for example, it became a “problem” after the case ended.

In addition to Anielle having become a “problem” for the government, Lula thinks she delivers very little. She doesn’t even receive it for dispatches.

For Lula and part of the PT, Anielle in the government reminds us that everyone used and abused the Marielle case and lied a lot about her death.

The question “who killed Marielle?”, insinuating the guilt of Bolsonaro supporters, is no longer asked without being ridiculed in any bar in Rio.

Senator Izalci Lucas (PL-DF) participates in the podcast Diário do Poder (Photo: Diário do Poder)

Izalci criticizes STF and considers end of Electoral Justice

New member of PL, the main opposition party to the Lula government (PT), senator Izalci Lucas (DF) defended Congress’s “reaction” to the interference of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) in the Legislative Branch, in addition to also supporting the end of Justice Electoral “when the unification of elections is approved”, said the parliamentarian in an interview with the Diário do Poder podcast this week. “The TSE regulates, executes, inspects and judges. It’s all up to him”, said the senator, “we need to reevaluate this”.

Izalci defended the approval, which he considers certain in the Senate, of the proposal that will unify municipal, state and federal elections.

The unification of electoral disputes would prevent “Congress from stopping every two years,” said Izalci, “as is the case this week.”

The senator also assured that he left the PSDB for the PL, after 10 years, because he wants to run for government of the Federal District in 2026.

Power without shame

What a beautiful defeat

The governor of São Paulo, Lucas Nogueira Garcez, imposed the candidacy of Francisco Cardoso (PSP) for mayor of São Paulo in 1953. Adhemar de Barros didn’t like it, but he kept quiet. Candidate for president, he noticed Garcez’s poor choice whenever he appeared at Cardoso’s rallies. Jânio Quadros would win for mayor, which would not be regretted by the Ademaristas. Erlindo Salzano, a faithful follower of Adhemar, said: “It was the most beautiful defeat among all the victories we had.”

A challenge from Lula’s grandson, poor guy, to prove that his grandfather stole it went viral. There was no shortage of people remembering some of the 3,000 pieces of evidence in the cases, including… a pedal boat with the names of grandchildren on the farm in Atibaia.

Ex-wife of Luís Cláudio, Lula’s youngest son, Natália Schincariol filed a complaint with the police accusing the bully of physical, verbal and moral aggression. Will there be women’s NGOs defending the victim?

Brazil was embarrassed again. While notorious thieves here are “unconvicted” and even regain control of the key to the safe, in the United States, the Swiss company Trafigura confessed to the Court of having bribed members of the PT government between 2013 and 2014.

Things are bad for Lula in Rio das Ostras (RJ). A survey by Paraná Pesquisas, released this Tuesday (2), shows that disapproval of the PT member reaches 56.6% of voters.

Quote of the day

“Find a single proof that my grandfather is a thief”

Thiago Trindade, Lula’s grandson, challenges “everyone” to prove his grandfather’s theft

“Brazil has no less risk of succeeding”, says deputy José Medeiros (PL-MT) when citing the reason: Zé Dirceu speaking from the Senate rostrum, Lula in the Presidency, Deltan and Moro cornered, Protógenes Queiroz in prison.

Absent from the 2022 management report of the Federal Court of Auditors (TCU), former president Jair Bolsonaro was once again mentioned in the TCU’s annual statement, which approved his management accounts.

In an unusual act of courage, the president of Congress, senator Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), sent a message to Planalto discarding a provisional measure to deal with tax relief.

It is a petition-signed fiasco of the highly approved civic-military schools. Even with the activism of left-wing parliamentarians encouraging signatures, until yesterday (2), there were less than 900 subscriptions.

…“honorable exit” in Health is the street door.

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