Deputy gets ‘bicucudo’ with Tucana aggressiveness in Mato Grosso do Sul politics – Na Lata!

Deputy gets ‘bicucudo’ with Tucana aggressiveness in Mato Grosso do Sul politics – Na Lata!
Deputy gets ‘bicucudo’ with Tucana aggressiveness in Mato Grosso do Sul politics – Na Lata!

Affiliations – Possible rivals in the elections for mayor of Dourados, Progressistas and PSDB will close the party window as the largest parties in the local Chamber of Councilors. The period of change without implying the loss of mandate ends on Friday.

Act – On Thursday night, at the country headquarters of the Clube Nipo Brasileiro, in Jardim Florida, Progressistas holds an affiliation event. With the presence of Senator Tereza Cristina and Mayor Alan Guedes, the party will now include the mayor’s current leader in the House, Sérgio Nogueira, in addition to Daniel Júnior and Cemar Arnal, currently in Patriota Solidariedade, respectively.

Possibility – Names such as councilor Daniela Hall and Marcão da Sepriva could also join the party, bringing the number of members to five. The PSDB currently has six seats in the House of Laws, however, with the departure of Sérgio, it will now have five.

Files – After meeting with the national president of the PSD, Gilberto Kassab, and becoming part of the party commanding the directory in Dourados, vice-governor Barbosinha began recruiting allies to join the party’s ranks. On Monday night he signed up some membership forms, already thinking about the team he will put together for the municipal elections.

Incompatible – Still undecided whether or not to participate in the dispute for the Executive, Barbosinha made a point of making it clear that he will not walk with the old party, the PP, which will have Alan Guedes as its name in search of re-election in the October elections. The lieutenant governor stated that the projects are ‘incompatible’.

Criticized – The aggressive tone of the PSDB since former governor Reinaldo Azambuja assumed the presidency of the party in Mato Grosso do Sul has bothered some state leaders from other party groups. Yesterday, state deputy Zeca from PT demonstrated his irritation with the situation to the point of making his discontent public during a session of the Legislative Assembly.

Weevil – “Lula said earlier that toucans like to root around in other people’s nests to eat their babies.” Then, the parliamentarian said that he will start a confrontation with the rival party. “Nothing against the PSDB, but against the absolute policy they want to implement in this State,” he said.

Zooming in – Since assuming the state tucanato, Reinaldo has managed to increase the number of members to the point of governing more than 50, of the 79 municipalities in Mato Grosso do Sul. In Dourados, two councilors who were in other parties joined the PSDB a few days ago: Tânia Cristina and Liandra Brambilla, in addition to radio broadcaster Marçal Filho, who left the PP to be the PSDB pre-candidate for mayor.

Official – After much internal conflict, União Brasil made official the pre-candidacy of former federal deputy and current superintendent of Sudeco (Superintendent of Development of the Central-West), Rose Modesto, for mayor of Campo Grande. She must leave the role she currently holds by the beginning of June.

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