Calendar of typical Santa Catarina festivals in 2024 – OCP News

Calendar of typical Santa Catarina festivals in 2024 – OCP News
Calendar of typical Santa Catarina festivals in 2024 – OCP News

Santa Catarina is a state known for its vibrant and traditional festivals, which attract visitors from all over the country and even the world. Santa Catarina culture is celebrated throughout the year in a series of festive events that reflect pride in local traditions and the region’s cultural diversity.

Among these festivities, the renowned Oktoberfest in Blumenau stands out, one of the biggest beer festivals in the world outside of Germany. However, in addition to this, there are a variety of other equally enchanting festivals that celebrate gastronomy, music, dance and traditional customs.

Santa Catarina’s typical festival calendar in 2024 promises to be full of exciting and memorable events, providing unique experiences for local residents and tourists.

Check below the calendar of typical Santa Catarina festivals in 2024, according to the dates already confirmed:

  • Osterfest – Easter Festival – Pomerode – February 8th to March 31st
  • Party – São Francisco do Sul – April 11th to 15th
  • Expo Irani – Irani – April 12th to 14th
  • Heimatfest – Forquilhinha – April 25th to 28th
  • Regional Cornbread Festival – Saint Boniface – April 27th and 28th
  • Santa Catarina Rice Festival – Massaranduba – April 30th to May 5th
  • Pinhão National Festival – Lages – May 24th and June 2nd
  • Festitalia – Blumenau – June 13th to 23rd
  • Typical Italian Gastronomy Festival – New Venice – June 20th to 23rd
  • Gastronomic festival – Pomerode – July 4th to 21st
  • Fenaostra – Florianópolis – July 16th to 27th
  • Freundenfest – Brusque – August 31
  • Schlachtfest – São Bento do Sul – September 5th to 8th
  • Apple Festival – São Joaquim – September 6th to 8th
  • Marejada – Itajaí – October 3rd to 20th
  • Oktoberfest – Blumenau – October 9th to 27th
  • Fenarreco – Brusque – October 10th to 20th
  • Tirolerfest – Treze Tílias – October 11th to 13th
  • Schützenfest – Jaraguá do Sul – November 7th to 17th

Organize your schedule

Now that you have the dates, get ready to experience moments of joy, music, dance and gastronomy at the typical festivals in Santa Catarina in 2024.

Whether you’re looking for authentic cultural experiences, regional culinary delights or simply moments of fun and entertainment, there’s something for everyone in the many events that make up the state’s festive calendar.

Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Santa Catarina and be part of these celebrations that reflect the unique spirit and identity of this beautiful Brazilian state.

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