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The award-winning confectionery that operates in a charming little house in Horto, and is on its way to Leblon for its first branch, will move to the new store to serve a popular breakfast every day, where it offers its excellent homemade products, with emphasis on cakes, babkas and viennoiserie items, such as the cinnamon roll (R$ 26.50). The house’s warm cheese on sourdough bread uses standard minas and cream cheese (R$ 28.70), and the brioche with free-range egg paste and homemade mayonnaise is also a hit (R$ 27.60). Not to mention the collection of irresistible sweets from confectioner Henrique Rossanelli. Rua Pacheco Leão, 792, Horto, tel.: 99193-3440.

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Artesanos Bakery

Artesanos was born in Recreio and recently arrived in Botafogo in a spacious three-room store, with the ovens and part of the production on display, counters and shelves of delicacies. There are breads such as multigrain sourdough (R$ 32.00), made with high-quality wheat from Paraná. For a good breakfast, the cheese bread with gruyère (R$ 12.00, three pieces) and the eggs benedict with caramelized bacon (R$ 20.00) are delicious, among many other options. Rua São João Batista, 26, Botafogo (120 spaces).

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18 do Forte: well served coffee full of delicacies on the sea (Tomás Rangel/Disclosure)

Café 18 do Forte

The view of the cafe set over the rocks and sea of ​​Copacabana is unparalleled, and the food is good at all hours of the day. In the morning, the fort’s cafe features a selection of breads, butter, avocado cream, cold cuts from small producers, canasta cheese breads, banana bread, a pan of organic scrambled eggs and bacon farofa, yogurt with house-made granola and fruit, cake from day, rain cakes, dulce de leche and jelly, plus two hot drinks (R$ 158.00, for two). There are individual suggestions such as Greek (R$ 28.00): creamy yogurt with house-made granola, accompanied by fresh fruit of the day, honey and chia. Praça Coronel Eugênio Franco, 1, Copacabana Fort.

Café do Alto

At the mansion in Santa Teresa, the main attraction is the cool brunch (R$ 80.00, children aged 5 to 10 pay half), served from Wednesday to Sunday, from 9am to 1pm, in a rotation with more than 30 items that includes vegan options. There are fruits, cold cuts, boiled yams, coalho cheese, dried meat, tapioca, cassava, scrambled eggs and countless specialties with a northeastern accent. Among separate options, corn couscous can come with coconut milk or butter (R$ 18.00), organic egg (R$ 28.00) and egg with dried meat (R$ 32.00). Rua Paschoal Carlos Magno, 143, Largo dos Guimarães, Santa Teresa, tel.: 2507-3172.

Cardin: couscous with eggs and bacon on the menu (./Disclosure)


The chain, which has restaurants with an atmosphere inspired by European boulangeries, has options such as the solo breakfast combo, which includes a hot drink, a mini baguette or simple croissant, a portion of butter, jam and cream cheese (R$ 32.00). Among the coffees, the cardin special strainer (R$ 16.00) or the caramel cappuccino (R$ 11.00) are good choices. Another highlight is the Rio sandwich, which includes smoked salmon carpaccio, cream cheese, Italian zucchini and mixed greens, on bread of your choice (R$ 50.00), and ideas such as couscous with egg and bacon, and sachet of butter (R$ 26.00). Leblon store at Rua Carlos Góis, 327.

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The little shop with a charming mezzanine with antique lampshade, designer chairs and a cobogó wall has homemade delicacies such as the excellent cheese bread (R$ 9.50), which has fillings such as catupiry with molasses, or guava paste (R$ 14, 50). The slice of carrot cake is covered with chocolate and coffee ganache (R$ 16.00), and the freshly ground grain drink comes in methods such as Chemex (R$ 114.00, or R$ 25.00, for two). The tapioca can be prepared in more than 20 flavors, and the hot cheese includes caramelized onion (R$ 23.90). Rua Voluntários da Pátria, 416, Botafogo, tel.: 3798-8376.

Cirandaia: toast with cheese and tomatoes among the delicacies of the house in Botafogo
Cirandaia: toast with cheese and tomatoes among the delicacies of the house in Botafogo (./Disclosure)

From Casa da Táta

The cozy atmosphere reigns in the small room and in the homemade menu of Marta Jubé, Táta, from Goiás. A recent suggestion, the banana cake with oats and Brazil nut flour (R$ 17.00 per slice) is a good companion for a brewed coffee (R$ 5.00). The café in the backyard (R$ 137.00) serves two people with 2 hot drinks, 2 juices, yogurt with fruit and granola, basket of bread, jam and butter, Minas Gerais cheeses, scrambled eggs, chocolate bread and a slice of cake. Rua Professor Manoel Ferreira, 89-N/O, Gávea, tel.: 2511-0947.

Diana Bakery

Located in a charming, airy house in Tijuca, the confectionery has delicious options such as the best-selling walnut pie (R$ 20.00), a good companion to the caramel latte coffee (R$ 16.00), with milk, espresso and caramel, served hot or cold. The tapioca bread with cheese and ham is a good choice, as is the simonal brioche: a slice of brioche caramelized with butter and sugar, with dulce de leche (R$ 16.00). In the selection of sandwiches, the tijucroque comes on brioche with mozzarella, cream cheese, turkey breast and basil pesto (R$ 34.00). Rua Dona Delfina, 14, Tijuca, tel.: 3129-7006.

Dianna Bakery: waffles can have ice cream and syrup
Dianna Bakery: waffles can have ice cream and syrup (Internet/Reproduction)

Jardim Emporium

Headed by chef Paula Prandini, the most awarded breakfast in Rio arrived in 2023 in the beautiful garden of Casa Firjan, in Botafogo. There are more than 100 options of breads, sandwiches, tapioca, omelettes, cold cuts, cakes, sweets, yogurts, juices and coffees. There are 12 options with eggs alone, such as the Benedictines with smoked salmon (R$ 37.50). The house’s knee has gruyère cheese, royale ham and catupiry (R$ 17.50). And the vegan tapioca has a mix of mushrooms, guacamole and spicy sprouts (R$ 28.90). Casa Firjan store at Rua Guilhermina Guinle, 211, Botafogo.

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The chain that recently arrived in Ipanema has an airy deck with tables on the sidewalk, next to the General Osório metro station. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day and has a vast collection of breads, sweets, snacks, sandwiches and pies for the morning. The breakfast buffet (R$79.99 per kilo) ranges from sausage to cheese soufflé, with a wide variety of fruits and cold cuts. And the Italian sandwich is made with raw ham, cheese, tomato and basil (R$ 14.99). The sweet section suggests the dulce de leche mille-feuille (R$ 11.99). Ipanema store at Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 62.


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