Maisa Silva opts for a bold look to enjoy a party in Alagoas: ‘Semana Santa’

Maisa Silva opts for a bold look to enjoy a party in Alagoas: ‘Semana Santa’
Maisa Silva opts for a bold look to enjoy a party in Alagoas: ‘Semana Santa’

“It will be an album that will really show CTRL X to the world”, says vocalist and guitarist Keke.

The pulsating energy of Salvadoran band CTRL X is boiling at the iconic WR Bahia studios, where they are recording their highly anticipated new album.

With a diverse sound palette and a bold vision, the band is treading new creative paths. The songs arrive practically ready, but it is in the studio that the real enchantment happens:

“When we arrive at the studio, we already have the song with defined lyrics, melody and harmony. Then we entered the recording process, focusing on capturing the voices perfectly, including all the necessary layers and harmonies. In addition, we recorded the final bass, guitars and programmed the drums. During this process, we also work on the arrangements, adding elements that we like and that contribute to our sound identity”, explains bassist Tetha.

Under the guidance of renowned music producer Apu Tude, CTRL X’s musical trajectory becomes even more significant when they record at WR Bahia, a venerated temple of Bahian music, which carries decades of musical history:

“The studio is one of the oldest in Salvador, in 2025 it will celebrate 50 years of existence. A stellar list of artists such as Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Carlinhos Brown, Banda Eva, Olodum, É o Tchan, Claudia Leitte and even more contemporary artists such as Ravi Lobo and the band Baiana System, among many others, have already visited there,” he says. Apu Tude.

It is in this environment steeped in history and innovation that CTRL X finds its musical identity, and prepares the new album with 11 tracks:

“The 11 songs are very strong and 3 of them you already know: `MARYJANE´, `I DON’T DESERVE YOUR FORGIVENESS´ and `I don’t feel good´, which form a trilogy about the phases of love and which we released at the end of last year” , comments drummer Werner.

This album is more than just a collection of songs; is a testament to the band’s artistic evolution. Get ready, good things are coming!

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