Operation Atria: More than 80 suspects of crimes against women are arrested in Amazonas

Operation Atria: More than 80 suspects of crimes against women are arrested in Amazonas
Operation Atria: More than 80 suspects of crimes against women are arrested in Amazonas
Operationaction was carried out across the state in March, with a focus on combating crimes committed against women (Photo: Ygson França – Sejusc)

A total of 80 suspects involved in crimes against women were arrested in Amazonas during Operation Átria. In 28 days, in addition to the arrests, the Security Forces, together with bodies that make up the Women’s Protection Network, carried out educational and preventive actions. In total, over 31 thousand people were reached with lectures and leafleting, held in schools and public spaces.

During the operation, which took place between (02/03) and (29/09), more than 2 thousand procedures were carried out. During this period, 80 arrests were recorded and two teenagers were arrested. Of this total, 39 people were arrested in the act; 21 suspects taken to the police station; and 19 had temporary arrest warrants issued by the courts. During the period, a temporary arrest warrant was also served; one person was arrested on a civil warrant and minors were apprehended in the act.

The head of the Specialized Police Station for Crimes Against Women (DECCM), delegate Débora Mafra, highlighted the steps taken during the operation. According to the police authority, the integration between the agencies further strengthened the Protection Network.

“The difference was the union of all bodies, both City Hall and the State, making a huge difference. The procedures carried out during the operation were similar to those carried out on a daily basis, however, there was an intensification in publicizing the operation, in addition to giving lectures to women who suffer from domestic violence”, Mafra emphasized.

Other numbers

In total, 1,248 police reports (BOs) were registered and 561 police investigations were opened. The Civil Police of Amazonas (PC-AM), through DECCM, also concluded around 534 investigations, the majority indicating the authorship and materiality of the crime committed against women.

434 Urgent Protective Measures (MPUs) were also requested and 12 precautionary measures represented. In addition, 383 victims of domestic violence underwent physical injury examinations; and 122 for finding sexual violence.

For the commander of Ronda Maria da Penha, Major Tatiane Souza, the operation was successful and reinforced that the Military Police of Amazonas (PMAM) and the unit commanded by it, will continue to act firmly in the fight against crimes committed against women.

The commander highlights that the Amazonas Military Police, through Ronda Maria da Penha, intensified policing in the municipalities of Manacapuru, Itacoatiara and the capital. “Around 250 protective measure inspections were carried out. From these inspections we had three arrests in the act. 25 educational actions, solidarity visits, search for belonging were carried out, everything that is done daily at Ronda Maria da Penha”, she stated.

Educational actions

During the period, the leafleting actions reached more than 12 thousand Amazonians. The bodies involved in the operation also held 238 lectures, with a reach of just over 19,600, which corresponds to an audience of 82 people at each event held in March.

The integrated actions included the participation of the Military Police (PMAM), Civil Police (PC-AM) and state and municipal bodies, such as the Secretariat of Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship (Sejusc), representatives of the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (Aleam), the Amazonas Public Defender’s Office (DPE), among others.

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