On average, six men are arrested per day for assaulting women in ES

On average, six men are arrested per day for assaulting women in ES
On average, six men are arrested per day for assaulting women in ES

For 31 days, around 5.5 men were arrested daily in Espírito Santo for assaulting a woman. The data refers to the National Operation Átria, carried out in municipalities in the interior of Espírito Santo during the period from March 1st to April 1st, 2024.

During the operation, 167 men who committed crimes resulting from Violence Against Women were arrested, 146 of whom were arrested and charged in the act and 21 due to the execution of preventive arrest warrants. Several search and seizure warrants were also executed, with three firearms, 19 ammunition and 14 bladed weapons seized. In addition, 248 complaints were investigated from Hotline Denúncia 181 and Hotline 180.

According to the Civil Police (PCES), inspections of Emergency Protective Measures by the Maria da Penha Patrol Teams of the Military Police (PMES) were intensified with 723 reassuring visits carried out.

The operation included the participation of police officers from the Specialized Women’s Assistance Division, its Specialized Police Stations (DEAM’S) and NEAM’S Specialized Centers, both from the Metropolitan Region and the interior; in addition to the support of the Specialized Police Superintendency – SPE, the Interstate Capture Superintendence – SUPIC, and all Interior Superintendences. Military Police officers from the State Coordination of Patrol Maria da Penha and Patrols from across the State were also involved in the action.

According to the Specialized Women’s Assistance Division of the Civil Police of the State of Espírito Santo, Operation Átria’s actions will continue in an integrated manner, working to repress and prevent domestic and family violence against women.

Operation Atria

The National Integrated Operation aimed to concentrate efforts on developing preventive and repressive police actions to combat domestic and family violence against women, with the participation of public security bodies, especially the Civil and Military Police.

The National Operation Átria was commanded at national level by the Ministry of Justice, and in the State of Espírito Santo, with General State command of the Public Security Secretariat, by the Integrated Operations Management – ​​Commanded by Colonel Sérgio Ferreira, and with State Operational Coordination by the Delegate Head of the Specialized Women’s Assistance Division of PCES – Dr. Cláudia Dematté, and State Operational Coordination of the Military Police of Major Coutinho, Head of the Human Rights Division of PMES and State Coordinator of the Maria a Penha Patrol.

Repression and prevention actions were carried out by the Civil and Military Police of Espírito Santo in all municipalities of the State, among them, execution of arrest warrants, search and seizure warrants, carrying out arrests in the act, investigation of Disque Denúncia 181 and Dial 180 ; as well as intensified inspection of urgent protective measures by the Military Police Maria da Penha Patrol teams.

The municipalities in the interior that received the itinerant actions with the Mobile Police Station (Civil Police bus) were: Irupi, Ibatiba, Brejetuba, Ibitirama, Iúna and Muniz Freire. An action was also carried out on March 8th with the Mobile Police Station at Shopping Vila Velha, providing assistance, guidance and local prevention actions.

The itinerant actions that took place in Operation Átria are part of Estado Presente, the Specialized Division of Assistance to Women and DEAM’S Itinerante Project, with Integration of the Maria da Penha Patrol, and included the Mobile Police Station (Bus) of the Civil Police, to assist Women in situations of Domestic and Family Violence, or Women who have been victims of Crimes Against Sexual Dignity. The action also included integration and participation of teams from the Social Assistance Departments, CREA’S, CRA’S, Education Departments and Health Departments of the Municipalities.

The Teams from the Specialized Women’s Assistance Division of the Civil Police (Div-DEAM), and the PM Teams through the Maria da Penha Patrol in these itinerant actions with the Mobile Police Station provided assistance to Women in situations of domestic and family violence, or crimes against sexual dignity, registered police reports, requested urgent protective measures, carried out verification of several Hotlines, made arrests in the act, provided psychosocial assistance/reception to women in situations of Violence who sought assistance at the Mobile Police Station.

Furthermore, in the itinerant actions that took place in the six municipalities of Espírito Santo, teams of civil and military police guided and spoke with the population, with women, men, and students from schools in the cities (lectures were given in schools in the municipalities about the Maria da Lei Penha and combating violence against women).

According to PCES, guidance material on Violence Against Women was delivered, with people being guided on the streets and businesses in the city on the subject. The objective of these itinerant actions, in addition to repression and assistance actions, is to work on preventing violence against women; answer questions about the Law and types of violence against women; work on deconstructing the sexist culture that still exists in society; as well as bringing the police closer to the population, in Community and Citizen Police actions.

Throughout the entire period of Operation Átria, in addition to the lectures given during itinerant actions, several lectures were held in public bodies, companies, schools, colleges, in various municipalities in the State. In total, 24 thousand people were guided during the actions.

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