Old trails become linear park with cycle path in SC


The city of Caçador (SC), with its history intertwined with the train tracks, is leading an innovative initiative that is transforming the inhabitants’ relationship with the abandoned railway bed. The recently opened Caçador Linear Park, a comprehensive project that includes a generous cycle path, revitalization of old stations, running and walking trails and green pockets.

Of the 9 km planned for this implementation, 4.5 km have already been opened and have lighting, signage, painting, landscaping and, most importantly, integrated surroundings. “This was our concern, to add what and who was already there”, says Alexandre Schermach, president of the municipality’s Institute for Research and Urban Planning (IPPUC).

Residents during the inauguration of the Caçador Linear Park (SC) in March Photo: Disclosure

Started in 2010, the project faced resistance at first, but as the works progressed, the population began to frequent the completed sections, recognizing the value of investing in good infrastructure and quality of life. “The train is the reason Caçador was born as a city and this culture has always been present in our community; even when the tracks were not being maintained, woe betide anyone who thought of tampering with the centuries-old structure”, jokes Alexandre.

The success of the Caçador Linear Park is an inspiring example of the potential for transforming abandoned trails into parks and ecological corridors and cycle tourism routes across the country. With the leadership of organizations such as Aliança Bike and Rede Trilhas, the “Trilhos em Trilhas” project has been gaining momentum, indicating a new direction for the use of these spaces that have been abandoned for decades.

Cycle path runs in parallel, along the old railway tracks in Caçador (SC) Photo: Disclosure

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