Government of SC makes millionaire transfer to Blumenau


The Governor of Santa Catarina, Jorginho Mello, is in Blumenau fulfilling his agenda and signed transfers to the city this Tuesday morning (2). In total, the transfer made by the Government of SC totals R$ 68.1 million.

Government of SC makes millionaire transfer to Blumenau – Photo: Moises Stuker/NDTV

Together with BRDE (Banco Regional de Desenvolvimento do Extremo Sul), the municipality of Blumenau signed two long-term financing contracts, which allow for important investments.

The first, of R$50 million, is allocated to technical studies, drainage works, macro-drainage, slope containment and disaster prevention in risk areas.

The second contract, worth R$17 million, will be used to support projects in the area of ​​urban mobility, with paving and qualification of roads, drainage and road signage.

Government of SC also transfers resources to carry out Jesc and Parajasc

The governor took the opportunity to transfer resources to hold the 40th edition of Jesc (Santa Catarina School Games) and Parajasc (Santa Catarina Parasports Games).

State Government transfers R$68 million – Photo: Moises Stuker/NDTV

The two competitions take place in Blumenau, confirmed by Governor Jorginho. The transfer of R$400,000 will be allocated to Parajasc, while the amount of R$700,000 will be allocated to Jesc.

Transfer to Blumenau airport

The government of SC announced the investment of R$2.8 million for the night marking works at the Regional Airport, known as Quero-Quero.

The announcement of the new resource was made during Jorginho Mello’s visit to the airport’s revitalization work. The state government had already transferred R$7 million to revitalize the track and another R$2.5 million to fence the site.

With the amount invested for night marking at the airport, the structure will be able to receive activities at night, which will facilitate the receipt of organs for transplants carried out in Blumenau.

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