Those approved in the public security competition in Mato Grosso claim a call schedule; Vilhena residents complain about the delay


02/04/2024 10:14:00

Around 1,300 people approved in the Mato Grosso Military Police soldier exam are waiting to be called

Around 1,300 people approved in the Mato Grosso Military Police (PMMT) soldier exam, including dozens of residents of Rondônia, are anxiously awaiting a call-up schedule to begin working in public security in the neighboring state.

Two people from Vilhena approved in the competition, held in 2022, expressed their doubts and insecurities due to the lack of a clear schedule or definitive answers from the Government of Mato Grosso in relation to the call.

Ruan Charles and Lucas Borges highlighted that, although the competition was held to fill the reserves, the State of Mato Grosso currently faces a shortage of more than 5 thousand soldiers, with the forecast of up to a thousand more police officers going to the paid reserves In the next years. This situation, in itself, would be sufficient justification for calling those approved. Furthermore, they pointed to the increase in violence in the state as another pressing reason for the new police officers to act.

Last month, a public hearing was held at the Legislative Assembly of Mato Grosso (ALMT) with the presence of several successful candidates in the competition. However, no state government representative appeared to answer participants’ questions.

Ruan Charles highlighted that, in addition to the financial investment and time dedicated to preparing for the competition, the lack of a call schedule is generating uncertainty among those approved. He mentioned his own situation when he stated: “I had a delivery pizzeria, now I fear investing in the business, being called up and losing my investment.”

The lack of official information generates speculation and more uncertainty for those approved. Charles said that some time ago information circulated about the call for a new wave of candidates, but the number varied between 300 and 500 calls, depending on where and from whom the information was heard. Ultimately, this news ended up being rejected.

The struggle of those approved in the competition continues. Yesterday, April 1st, the committee of those approved met with Mato Grosso deputy Claudio Ferreira. On the agenda, the lack of Military Police personnel, the increase in the crime rate, support for the next summons, and the lack of public security in Mato Grosso. Ten days later, on April 11, the commission has a scheduled meeting with the president of the Legislative Assembly of Mato Grosso, deputy Eduardo Botelho.

Source: South Leaf
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