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Bolsa Família in MA

The number of Bolsa Família beneficiaries is still greater than the number of workers with a formal contract in 13 of the 27 units of the Federation. These data exclude the public sector. Maranhão is the state where this relationship of dependence on the benefit is strongest. There are 641 thousand formal jobs and 1.2 million Maranhão families receiving Bolsa Família. In other words, there are 2 inhabitants receiving Bolsa Família in the State for each employee with a work permit.

Fufuca’s deputy

The former deputy executive secretary of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, Diego Galdino, will take over as executive secretary of the Ministry of Sports in place of Antônio Paulo Vogel de Medeiros. The invitation was made by minister André Fufuca. Galdino was in a position in the vice-governorship of Maranhão with Felipe Camarão and must now return to Brasília.

Second round

The city of Imperatriz is close to having an election in two rounds. According to figures from the Regional Electoral Court of Maranhão, there are only 5,849 new registrations left to reach the mark of 200 thousand voters, which must be reached by May 8th. This could change the city’s electoral scenario.

Braide in MDB

Mayor Eduardo Braide (PSD) was at the headquarters of the MDB in São Luís. Accompanied by the Secretary of Political Affairs, Márcio Andrade, Braide was received by the president of the municipal directory, federal deputy Cléber Verde, members and pre-candidates for councilor of the party. Cleber ratified the MDB’s support for Braide and said that the party will make a strong nomination to elect councilors, including his son. It is worth remembering that the group linked to the government and deputy Roberto Costa left the MDB and joined the PP, like André Campos, Edson Gaguinho and others.


Former government candidate Simplício Araújo must join the Novo party. There is the possibility of Simplício running for mayor of Pedreiras, where he has electoral strength. If he thinks about running for a majority position in 2026, it will be the Federal Senate or joining Lahesio Bonfim for the government, something unlikely considering that Simplício and Lahesio are declared enemies.

‘Shoot to kill’

Jair Bolsonaro repeated what he said to some interlocutors, including a STF minister, in 2022, about the prospect of being arrested. The first time, Bolsonaro spoke to a Supreme Court minister about shooting anyone who tried to arrest him, during a conversation at Palácio da Alvorada on the first weekend of August. An agitated Bolsonaro said at the time. “I shoot to kill, but no one takes me to prison. I prefer to die”, said Bolsonaro at the time.

Does not accept prison

Now, Bolsonaro has once again spoken about “shooting to kill”, in a recent conversation with a deputy from his party. And he guaranteed that he will not accept being arrested. By the way, the former president often flirts with bravado. He has already said that he would no longer follow orders from the STF, that there would be no election in 2022 without a printed vote and that he would not accept the result of that year’s election if he did not win.

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