Alagoas Court sentences Arnobio Cavalcante to more than 37 years in prison for feminicide against Joana Mendes


In a trial marked by strong action from the Alagoas Public Prosecutor’s Office, Arnóbio Cavalcante, 48 years old, was sentenced to 37 years, 2 months and 7 days in prison, in addition to compensation for moral damages set at R$150,000. The defendant was accused of the qualified murder of his ex-partner, teacher Joana Mendes, a crime that shocked the community of the Poço neighborhood, in Maceió, due to the brutality with which it was committed.

The Jury Court of the 7th Criminal Court of the Capital recognized the seriousness of the act, which occurred on October 5, 2016, applying the penalty based on three qualifications: the use of insidious or cruel means, the use of dissimulation or another resource that made it difficult to defense of the victim and the fact that it is a crime against women, constituting feminicide. Arnóbio attacked Joana with more than 30 stab wounds, highlighting the severity of her intentions.

This case reignites the discussion about violence against women in Brazil, a country that still records high rates of femicide. The judicial decision reflects not only the search for justice in the specific case of Joana Mendes, but also a firm stance by the Alagoas judiciary against feminicide and domestic violence.

Arnóbio Cavalcante’s conviction is an important milestone for the movement to defend women’s rights in Alagoas and Brazil, sending a clear message that gender-based hate crimes will not be tolerated by society and justice. At the same time, the imposition of compensation for moral damages on the victim’s family represents a recognition of the suffering caused not only to the direct victim, but also to their loved ones and the community.

The Public Ministry of Alagoas, in turn, demonstrated its capacity and determination to pursue justice, emphasizing the importance of incisive action against perpetrators of domestic violence and feminicide. This judgment serves as a reminder of the continued need for vigilance, education and action to eradicate violence against women and promote a culture of respect and equality.

The fight against feminicide requires the commitment of all sectors of society, and judicial decisions like this are fundamental steps on the path to a fairer and safer society for women.

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