State Government resumes works on 4,505 housing units

Residencial Jordo, in Jaboato dos Guararapes (Photo: Disclosure)

The State Government, through the Secretariat of Urban Development and Housing (Seduh), is joining forces to resume work on 4,505 housing units. Of the total, 736 properties have already been handed over to the population and another 1,150 works are in progress. The recovery of housing projects that were delivered late is one of the initiatives of the Morar Bem PE program, the first social housing policy in Pernambuco.

Of the total number of delayed, halted or invaded works, 1,150 housing units are in progress. There are 248 properties in the Jurema residential complex, in Bezerros, scheduled for delivery in July this year, and 902 properties in the Vanete Almeida residential complex, in Serra Talhada, which should be delivered by the first quarter of 2025. This number, in addition to the 1,714 units that are in negotiations with Caixa and the Ministry of Cities, represents a total of effective delivery of 2,864 homes over the next few months.

“We are carrying out these works with the housing resources foreseen in the government’s budget”, reinforces the Secretary of Urban Development and Housing, Simone Nunes (Photo: Priscilla Melo/DP Foto)

“We are making an effort with the Civil House, the Ministry of Cities, banks and entities linked to these projects. Together with the capacity of the State Housing Company (Cehab), we are very close to making these deliveries”, says the Secretary of Urban Development and Housing, Simone Nunes.

According to Seduh, there is also another group of projects, totaling 905 homes, which will have to go through a negotiation process due to having been invaded. They are the residential Cuca Legal 2 (240 units), in Olinda; Ivanildo Silva (100 units) and Belmira Arcoverde (100), in Ribeirão; and Pedro Lemos (465), in Bezerros. “In relation to these locations, our priority is to address the housing solution for the families living in the housing units. Several of them still require legal proceedings, which does not allow us to determine a deadline for the resumption of works on these projects”, explains Simone Nunes.

In 2023, 736 properties were handed over to their owners after State intervention through Morar Bem PE, in the Jordão (272) residences in Jaboatão, Severino Quirino (192) in Caruaru and Mulheres de Tejucupapo (272), in Recife.

“We are carrying out these works with the housing resources provided for in the government budget”, reinforces Simone Nunes.

2,864 homes will be delivered in the coming months

Among the projects that are in the process of being rescued are the 53 houses at Residencial Vitória do Forte, in Itamaracá, and the Fazenda Santa Clara II Stage 1 (395 units) and Stage 2 (458) complex in Barreiros, totaling 906 properties.

Other works on 508 housing units are in the process of being resumed through the new ordinance from the Ministry of Cities, MCID 727 of Minha Casa Minha Vida FAR (Residential Leasing Fund). There are 208 units at Residencial Loteamento Riacho do Mel in Gravatá and 300 houses at Residencial Alfredo Cintra, in São Bento do Una.

In this group, 300 units are still under negotiation with Caixa. There are 200 properties whose agreements will be carried out in Bom Conselho (Residencial Viver) and another 100 in the Lagoa do Ouro 2 complex, in Lagoa do Ouro.


With the exception of Mulheres de Tejucupapo and Residencial Jordão, which were funded by resources from the General Budget of the Union (OGU), all others are being carried out with funds from the Minha Casa Minha Vida program through the FAR (Residential Leasing Fund) and the FDS (Social Development Fund). Both modalities are aimed at families in situations of social vulnerability.

Even with resources originating from the federal government, the resumption of these housing units is only possible with State contributions in so-called non-incident works, that is, the local infrastructure, with water, sewage and energy works. The state government complements the amount by enabling the Ministry of Cities to authorize the resumption.

This work in Pernambuco has been funded by the Social Interest Housing Fund (Fehis), administered by the State Housing and Works Company (Cehab) with contributions from Pernambuco Participações SA. Perpart is the company managing the State’s assets and, through disposal of underutilized government properties, has already raised R$7.7 million for Fehis since last year.

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