Lula government will launch campaign to reach out to evangelicals


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Lula government ministers were informed about a new action plan, which began this week, aimed at improving the administration’s popularity. The set of measures includes an advertising campaign highlighting the government’s achievements, which will be broadcast on radio, television and social media with the motto “Faith in Brazil”. The word “faith” was intentionally chosen to facilitate dialogue with specific segments of the population, such as evangelicals.

The plan is to highlight the popular programs that were taken up by Lula and the new initiatives with social impact implemented in the first year of his term. The campaign will have a more religious tone only in the slogan, while ministers and the president himself will be responsible for connecting with this part of the electorate.

Lula will begin a series of trips across Brazil, starting in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday (02), and the ministers will also have external agendas in the following weeks. Government leadership will be tasked with promoting programs that significantly benefit the poorest, women and the religious.

For example, at the Ministry of Education, the focus will be on benefits granted to high school students enrolled in the Pé de Meia program, payments for which began last week.

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