MPRJ creates nucleus to assist prosecutors in the 2024 municipal elections


With the aim of improving the performance of the Public Ministry of the State of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ) in the electoral area, the Attorney General’s Office created the Support and Advisory Center for the Electoral Prosecutor’s Offices (Naape) of the State of Rio. This is more an action by the MPRJ to guarantee transparent municipal elections in 2024.

In accordance with Resolution 2,583, the structure will work linked to the coordination of each Regional Administrative and Institutional Support Center (Craai/MPRJ), to provide administrative and technical-legal support to prosecutors invested in electoral functions.

It will be up to the new nucleus to gather standards and decisions that can support the actions of its members. Furthermore, the Naape team will produce reports based on steps designated by prosecutors, which are considered essential to ensure that the electoral process runs transparently and legally.

For the general secretary of the MPRJ, prosecutor Roberto Goes Vieira, the new structure will guarantee more efficiency in the work of prosecutors. “The increase in the administrative structure, through the creation of Naape, will bring adequate support to the prosecutor invested in the electoral function and, consequently, greater efficiency in his work in defending the democratic regime”.

Since 2014, the institution has already had an Advisory Center for Electoral Prosecutors (Nape), with only law graduates working, while Naape also includes the participation of administrative support staff.

Fine comb

Last Tuesday (26), after meeting with the president of the Regional Electoral Court (TRE-RJ), judge Henrique Carlos de Andrade Figueira, the attorney general of Justice Luciano Mattos announced that a “fine comb” will be carried out on the requests candidate for municipal elections. The objective is to combat the influence of criminal organizations in the state’s chambers and city halls.

During the meeting, articulated and integrated intelligence actions were defined that will result in an effective protocol for repressive action against candidates linked to organized crime.

“The institutions are working together and with all their dedication in this year’s elections, so that we have a clean, fair and effective election, without criminal conduct and illicit interventions posing a risk to the normality of the electoral process”, said the attorney general of Justice.

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