At an official event, Lula’s minister asks the mayor to “win” the election

At an official event, Lula’s minister asks the mayor to “win” the election
At an official event, Lula’s minister asks the mayor to “win” the election

Renan Filho, from Transport, said that the mayor of a municipality in Bahia should “take care” to be re-elected and receive public works in the city

The Minister of Transport, Renan Filho, asked this Monday (April 1, 2024) that the mayor of Campo Alegre de Lourdes (BA), Dr. Enilson (PC do B), “win the elections” in the city to host the inauguration of a public project with a “big party”. The speech was made during a federal government event in the municipality to deliver works under the New PAC (Growth Acceleration Program).

In his speech, the head of the organization said that he will return to the region in December this year to deliver the paving of BR-020, located between Bahia and Piauí. At that moment, he asked Dr. Enilson to take care of “from the election period”because, if he lost re-election, the delivery party would be “discouraged”.

“I want to return in December so we can deliver the asphalt to São Raimundo Nonato ready. So, mayor, prepare the party, to give it time to still be in your mandate. Take care of the electoral period, win the elections. What elections does the ‘caba’ really have to win, so that we can have a big party in December. Because the party will be discouraged if they don’t win the election here. So, win the elections so we can inaugurate the road to São Raimundo Nonato with a beautiful Christmas party and a promising new mandate for the city of Campo Alegre de Lourdes”said Renan Filho.

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The Minister of Transport arrived in the city this Monday (April 1) to deliver the last stretch of paving work on the BR-235 in Bahia, known as the Vaqueiro highway. The R$117 million project was completed through the New PAC.

During the ceremony, the work order for asphalting BR-020 in Bahia, the region bordering BR-235, in the State of Piauí, was also signed. R$30 million will be invested in this work.

Attending the event were:

  • Rui CostaMinister of the Civil House;
  • Renan FilhoMinister of Transport;
  • Jerônimo Rodriguesgovernor of Bahia;
  • Jacques Wagnerleader of the Government in the Senate (PT-BA);
  • Mario Negromontefederal deputy (PT-BA);
  • Lídice da Matafederal deputy (PSB-BA);
  • Enilson Marcelomayor of Campo Alegre de Lourdes (PC do B-BA).

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