SC requests authorization to have two more airports in small cities


Santa Catarina may have two more public airports. The request came from the Secretariat of Ports, Airports and Railways (SPAF-SC). Requests for the implementation of Pinhalzinho and Rio Negrinho Public Airports were filed with the National Civil Aviation Secretariat (SAC).

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The documents request the analysis of the federal body to issue a grant to the Government of the State of Santa Catarina to explore the new airports. The activity related to the exploitation of public airport infrastructures in the country is originally conferred on the Union, which can pass on this responsibility to the states.

— These airports are part of our state expansion planning. They were included in the State Aviation Plan (Paesc) and this process is part of the entire process necessary for them to be officially recognized and subsequently receive investments — explains the Secretary of Ports, Airports and Railways (SPAF), Beto Martins.

Caçador Airport (Photo: Ricardo Wolfenbuttel)

Lages Airport (Photo: Sandro Scheuermann/)

Correia Pinto Airport (Photo: Government of SC/Disclosure)

Quero-Quero Airport received commercial flights at Oktoberfest 2023 (Eduardo Valente/ Julio Cavalheiro/Secom)

Joaçaba Airport (Photo: Government SC/Disclosure)

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The State intends to adopt the same procedure for Itapiranga Airport, also included in Paesc, when all documentation is ready.

The municipality of Pinhalzinho is the owner of an appropriate area, whose technical feasibility for implementing the aerodrome has been approved. The city hall has already contracted an executive project for the implementation of the airport.

The municipality of Rio Negrinho has an area where the local Aeroclub operates, with an asphalt runway measuring 1,198 meters long and 22 meters wide. The municipality is authorized by municipal law to acquire the area.

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