With Emater, settlers from Nova Ipixuna revitalize dairy farming


Traditional farmers on the PA-150 side roads are also benefiting from targeted assistance to restructure themselves, ensuring more profit and food security

By Government of Pará (SECOM)

04/01/2024 3:11 pm

The local office of the Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Company of the State of Pará (Emater) in the municipality of Nova Ipixuna, in the Tucuruí Lake region, continues to encourage agrarian reform settlers to restore the productivity of dairy farming. Along with raising beef cattle, the activity is a reference for socioeconomics in the locality.

Traditional farmers on the PA-150 highway are also benefiting from targeted assistance to restructure themselves, ensuring more profit and food security.

Emater’s strategy, with the support of the City Hall, is to disseminate alternative feeding technologies for animals, compared to irrigated forage, and implement rural credit projects, for fence renovation, pasture cleaning and genetic improvement of herds.

“In the temperate climate, many small livestock farmers end up losing pasture during the summer due to the sun. Other than that, the cost of purchasing feed is high. We therefore consider interventions, with the diversification of work and income within properties, for example By growing cassava and corn, farmers are able to make feed and save up to 40% on inputs”, explains the head of Emater’s local office in Nova Ipixuna, agricultural technician Claudean Marinho, who is also a pedagogue.

Exchange – Another initiative has been the exchange of interested parties in relation to successful properties. At the end of March, guided by Emater, a group of five small livestock farmers visited Sítio Santa Rita II, in the Água Preta community, to learn about the management that producer José Sousa, aged 57, carries out on his herd of 90 cattle. , in rotational grazing.

Through Emater, Sousa recently received almost R$200,000 from Banco da Amazônia (Basa), through the “More Food” line of the National Program for Strengthening Family Farming (Pronaf). The resources are invested in the purchase of girolando breed breeders, rebuilding the conventional fence and maintaining the pasture. There are plantations of campineira kurumi and açu grass.

“We are always open to Emater, a great partner of ours. This partnership is passed from generation to generation within our family. We have assistance, friendship, capital. It’s all very important”, he says.


At least another five amounts of rural credit should be released this semester in Nova Ipixuna, totaling more than half a million reais. In question, the Emater projects, two of which are for settlers, are being processed at Basa.

Text: Aline Miranda

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