With Celepar Cid@des, city halls can access technological tools

With Celepar Cid@des, city halls can access technological tools
With Celepar Cid@des, city halls can access technological tools

Technological solutions to modernize, optimize and improve municipal management. This is the focus of the Celepar Cid@des project, which provides city halls with various technological tools developed by the Company in conjunction with state departments and local authorities.

The menu covers the installation of Wi-Fi in public areas and municipal institutions, the provision of Smart Calling (control of student attendance through facial recognition) and registration on the Paraná Negócios platform, which enables connections between municipalities and industries with with the aim of attracting new investments to cities.

Another highlight of the project is the development of a portal for the municipality, with integration of the purchasing, transparency and ombudsman areas, with the Integrated Ombudsman Management System (SIGO), expanding the forms of social control.

Municipalities can also use GIT Mobi, a solution that allows traffic officers to issue infraction notices using a smartphone. Another tool optimizes procedures in the health sector: the GSUS (SUS Hospital and Outpatient Management System) helps organize the day-to-day life of health care units, such as hospitals and clinics, which operate according to the rules of the Unified Health System. Health (SUS).

“We want to take the experience of almost 60 years serving the Government of Paraná to the municipalities”, says André Telles, Market Director at Celepar. “These are already consolidated products that help the city hall become more efficient and have more agility with products that correspond to the most modern technology available today for public administration.”

SMART CALL – Implemented in 1,700 schools in the state education network and in a school in Lisbon (Portugal), Chamada Inteligente, developed in partnership with the State Department of Education, is a solution that uses facial recognition to record attendance students, streamlining the call process in classrooms.

The teacher simply needs to take one to four photos of the class for the system to recognize the students in the images, comparing the photos to the registered images of each student, and automatically registering their presence.

Biometric registration and attendance record photos are not stored on the device. The images are sent to the Celepar server, encrypted, and cannot be accessed directly, following the General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD).

PARANÁ BUSINESS – Launched in 2023, the Paraná Negócios platform promotes connections between municipalities and companies. With it, industries and businesses can search for the city that best meets their needs, analyzing information such as logistical capacity, available land, tax incentives, specialized labor, suppliers and potential consumers.

Municipalities can find companies that are arriving in the State and use the platform as a showcase, presenting their structure and benefits to attract new investments. Paraná Negócios and its coordination are the responsibility of the Secretariat for Innovation, Modernization and Digital Transformation. In total, 66 municipalities will receive licenses to access the portal after training and signing the cooperation agreement throughout this year.

GIT MOBI – GIT Mobi – The Electronic Receipt allows traffic agents to draw up infraction notices with a smartphone. It is also possible to consult vehicle and driver information, in addition to recording images, consulting and printing infraction notices and obtaining the driver’s signature. Printing occurs when there is a printer with a Bluetooth connection at the location, or the document is sent to the citizen via SMS or email.

GSUS – GSUS is a solution for managing public and private healthcare units (such as hospitals, emergency rooms, outpatient clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, diagnostic centers and regulatory centers). The system can operate in an integrated manner with the regulation complex, enabling the structuring of programming, access regulation, auditing and billing.

OMBUDSMAN – The Integrated Ombudsman Management System (SIGO) allows the registration of complaints by citizens and the monitoring, by the ombudsman, of the procedures and measures in relation to suggestions, criticisms, doubts and other issues registered. With the solution, it is possible to monitor the progress of cases, control deadlines, in addition to managing and providing information. The system also generates indicators on services, with the aim of monitoring the performance of services provided to citizens.

SERVICE – Municipalities interested in joining one or more programs should send an email [email protected] to obtain more information about the contracting process.

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