Uncle Rafa’s challenge


The MDB candidate for mayor of Maceió, Rafael Brito, needs to present a real development plan for the city to win over the capital’s voters. More politicized and less exposed to the power of the electoral corrals in the interior, people from Maceio also sell their votes, however they consider themselves independent and are more selective in choosing their candidates.

Opting for personal attacks as a campaign platform is a tired strategy that no longer convinces voters. Uncle Rafa, as the candidate is called, needs to say what he did as State Secretary of Education, what he has done so far as a federal deputy and what he will do as mayor of Maceió.

The warning also applies to Mayor JHC, who needs to complete his main projects, including the depollution of Salgadinho, to deliver what he promised in the campaign. Believing that you can be re-elected just with the support of social media is quite a risk for those who think they are unbeatable at the polls. Many have already boarded this leaky canoe and ended up running into the water.

More than running a defamatory campaign against its opponent, JHC must prepare to face the same steamroller that elected Paulo Dantas governor, when not even the candidate’s father believed in his victory. To do this, the mayor needs to show what he did in his first term and present a government plan that goes beyond the Itú chair, the Jaraguá church and other accessories to please tourists.

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