ES closes quarter with lowest number of murders in 28 years

ES closes quarter with lowest number of murders in 28 years
ES closes quarter with lowest number of murders in 28 years
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O Holy Spirit finished the first quarter of 2024which comprises the months of January, February and March, with the lower number of homicides since 1996.

The information is from the State Secretariat for Public Security and Social Defense (Sesp), which detailed that they were 227 murders recorded during this period.

The data shows that, overall, the accumulated reduction compared to the same quarter in 2023 reaches 19.2%. There were 281 last year, compared to 227 this year.

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Furthermore, it is highlighted that in the 28-year historical series, the best result so far for a quarter had been in 2022, when the State reached 252 homicides in the period.

According to Sesp, all regions of Espírito Santo showed a reduction in murders. The falls are 16.8% in the Metropolitan Region, 15.5% in the North, 10.3% in the South, 36.7% in the Northwest and 14.3% in the Mountain Region.

Reduction in the number of women killed in ES

According to the agency, a reduction in the number of homicides of women was also demonstrated, in addition to feminicides. In total, they were 21 murders of women in 2024of which eight were caused by gender crime.

Already in 2023, the first quarter recorded 25 deaths of women, ten femicides. The reduction reaches 16% in total.

O Secretary of State for Public Security and Social Defense, Eugênio Ricas, highlighted the work and investments made to provide more security and alternative protection for women victims of domestic violence.

Furthermore, he also highlighted that, during women’s month, the launch of spaces called “Salas Marias” took place.

The rooms will contribute to humanizing and speeding up the care of these victims in our 24-hour police stations in Greater Vitória.

“Before, the displacement was large for the specialized unit that centralized these incidents in Vitória. Now, the woman can be treated in her own municipality and without any type of contact with the aggressor. It is yet another action, in addition to all those already we launched previously, strengthening the protection network for women”said Ricas.

The Secretary of Security He also highlighted important arrests made by the police.

“Main leaders of criminal organizations were put in jail. This dismantles organized crime and disputes over drug trafficking territory. An example is the municipality of Vitória, which had an increase in deaths and, with focused work and the removal of bandits who ordered attacks from circulation, closed the month of March with only two recorded homicides”highlighted Ricas.

Governor Renato Casagrande highlighted the importance of investments in the area of ​​public security.

“Our work to reduce the number of crimes against life is ongoing. And we have managed, month after month, year after year, to achieve a reduction in homicides. As long as a person loses their life, we cannot celebrate, but we have to value our reduction work, which has had an effect since the Estado Presente program returned in 2019″, highlights the governor.

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