Municipalities in the region also receive awards from Sebrae RS


With the results announced on March 27th, in Porto Alegre, the 12th edition of the Entrepreneurial City Hall Award also rewarded the municipalities in the region that are part of the consortium that manages Lar de Acolhimento São Francisco, in Frederico Westphalen.


The project, registered by Frederico Westphalen City Hall, won first place in the territorial governance category. The trophy was received by the mayor of the municipality, José Alberto Panosso and the vice-mayor, João Vendruscolo.

Mayors Caetano Albarello, from Palmitinho; Daniel Coelho dos Santos, from Caiçara; Tomaz de Aquino Rossato, by Vicente Dutra; Luiz Blanco Alves, from Taquaruçu do Sul; Zairo Riboli, from Vista Alegre and Nelbo Aldair Appel, from Pinheirinho do Vale.

The project

The award-winning project aims to welcome and care for children and adolescents who are abandoned or whose families or guardians are temporarily unable to fulfill their care and protection role. It promotes reintegration into social life, provides a pleasant environment to enable access to leisure, encouraging learning, through professional courses, which prepare those welcomed to enter the job market, to exercise citizenship and entrepreneurship.

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