“Blackout” of State resources leaves 87 highway projects in Santa Catarina paralyzed in 2023, survey shows

“Blackout” of State resources leaves 87 highway projects in Santa Catarina paralyzed in 2023, survey shows
“Blackout” of State resources leaves 87 highway projects in Santa Catarina paralyzed in 2023, survey shows


Even with a guaranteed budget, 87 works on state highways had investments paralyzed in 2023. R$ 619.7 million were foreseen for the actions, but not a single cent was invested or committed by the State of Santa Catarina last year, according to the “Monitoring of Budget Execution” issued in January this year.

Most of the work that has not come to fruition is the paving of state highways, such as SCs 114, 281, 283, 284, 340, 423, 462, 486, 108, 114, 120, 154, 159, 350, 435, 477 , 479, 161 and 163. The survey was released by the leader of the PT bench in the Legislative Assembly of Santa Catarina (SC), deputy Fabiano da Luz.

“There was simply an unjustified blackout of resources. We are not talking about R$10 or R$50 million, but R$600 million that was no longer invested. These are projects that had money in hand and could already be advanced”, criticizes Fabiano.

In addition to paving, the rehabilitation of sections, engineering projects and the completion of bridges also ran out of resources. Still according to Fabiano, this demonstrates an alarming disconnect between budget planning and the effective execution of public policies, which “compromises the State’s ability to fulfill its responsibilities and meet the basic needs of the population”.

Infrastructure stopped investing R$1 billion

The more than R$600 million not invested in highways is part of the total of R$1 billion that was not invested by the Infrastructure Secretariat last year, even with cash on hand. In 2023, the department had R$2.68 billion available under the Annual Budget Law (LOA), but only R$1.4 billion had been used until December.

The little investment goes against the major problem that Santa Catarina faces with state highways. A survey by the department itself shows that 72% of the roads under State responsibility are in “regular”, “bad” or “very poor” conditions – considering asphalt, signage, drainage and shoulders. The worst condition is in the South region, with “bad” and “very poor” in 59.5% of the sections analyzed.

The Midwest has the worst asphalt condition in the SCs. Of the 896.5 kilometers of roads that cross the region, 66.3% are in “poor” conditions, while “regular” accounts for 20.47% and “excellent” and “good” reach only 13.22%.

In the West, 85.6% of the road network does not have a shoulder. The region’s regional infrastructure coordinator highlights that 38.62% of SCs are considered “regular”, while 41.55% are “bad” or “very bad”.


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